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Robot no. 9: An electric upgrade to usher in the 2.0 era of children’s scooters

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With the gradual improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of mobile Internet technology, the trend of consumption upgrading is increasingly obvious, and the refined concept of quality consumption has become the consensus of the new middle class.In this context, the growth rate of the medium and high-end consumer market gradually peaked.In order to further develop the incremental market, more and more brands begin to lay out the children's market in order to reach a broader consumer group.How to expand new categories under the premise of continuing technological advantages has become an important issue for "top students" in all walks of life.

Ninebot 9, a leading player in the field of intelligent short transportation, has introduced two new products: the E8 Super Flying Version of the 9 Electric scooter for children, and the E10 electric scooter for children aged 6 to 12 and 8 to 14, respectively.The usual launch of Ninebot 9, which comes in the second half of the Ninebot upgrade, is to inject new life into the maturing market of electric scooters.

Robot no. 9: An electric upgrade to usher in the 2.0 era of children's scooters

Break a bit lower, make electric scooter into children's toys

Nowadays, scooters and even electric scooters are not uncommon.However, it has taken nearly 30 years from the birth of the first scooter to its entry into the sight of most people.

In 1993 Sieghaits Txaka, a German engineer, solved his own traffic problem by putting two scooter wheels under an aluminium plate.In the late 1990s, Wim Uboter of Zurich, Switzerland, invented a more stylish folding scooter that quickly took scooters around the world.In the 21st century, electric scooter has become a popular technology among urban young people.

Up to now, electric scooter has become a relatively mature category in the field of travel market, but under the influence of various factors, its market growth is slowing down.The travel industry as a whole has taken a turn for the worse as passenger safety issues led local governments to introduce stricter operating licensing rules, according to Bain's asia-pacific Travel Market Study 2019: the Bumpy Road to Profitability for the travel industry in asia,as an important player in the field of electric scooters, Ninebot 9 urgently needs to find a new development path.The launch of Ninebot nine, an electric scooter for children, is a step down of Ninebot nine due to forward-looking market considerations.

Robot no. 9: An electric upgrade to usher in the 2.0 era of children's scooters

As a scientific and technological product, the rapid development of electric scooter mainly benefits from its technological innovation breakthrough.Earlier versions of the scooters used lead-acid batteries, iron frames, external brush motors and belt drives, according to Internet data.It was not until it evolved into a compact, light and small folding electric scooter that it gained rapid development.

Nowadays, the further innovation of scooter battery management system and the sinking application of high bearing aero-class magnesium and aluminum alloy skeleton have greatly improved the power of electric scooter, making it more outstanding in safety, lightness and other aspects than before.All this makes it possible for electric scooters to dip into the children's market.Ninebot 9, a leading global manufacturer of electric scooters, is the first to bring electric scooters to the children's toy market, which is a successful market drop.

Electric upgrade to start children's scooter 2.0 era

From the psychological and biological point of view, toys are not only a tool for children to relax their body and mind, parents to coax their children happy, it also undertakes part of the function of children's life growth process. German psychologist and biologist Grosse believes that game is a preview of children's future life and a necessary way to learn future life skills. From this point of view, every generation should have a game that belongs to this era.

Robot no. 9: An electric upgrade to usher in the 2.0 era of children's scooters

Traditional foot-powered scooters can only meet the growth needs of children's physical function. The post-10s, who grew up in the new era of mobile internet normalization and the proliferation of smart devices, clearly face higher-order needs: they need to experience a more futuristic lifestyle in the game, and they need to experience childhood memories that belong to this era.

Ninebot 9's electric scooter for children is a farewell to the "old age" of children's scooters and an electric force revolution of movable toys brought about by technological iteration. From a more multidimensional perspective, we will find that this dynamic revolution is not only changing the way scooters glide, it brings a series of derivative effects. The first is the upgrade of the gliding experience, which can be described as "flying on the ground" in electric power mode, and the most direct change of experience is the pleasure of children playing. In addition, more solid body design than ever before.In addition, the safety and quality of safety and quality of scooters improved.

If we use the programming version number naming convention to define this change, the traditional foot-powered scooter is version 1.0, and the electric-powered children's scooter is called version 2.0.

Robot no. 9: An electric upgrade to usher in the 2.0 era of children's scooters

IP Crossover: A New Approach to Children's Markets

As we all know, China's toy market has great potential, with the blessing of the two-child policy, the market growth rate is still strong. Data show that the main business revenue of Chinese toys in 2017 has reached 235.71 billion yuan, among which animation IP derivatives toys sold well throughout the year. According to the 2018 Global Licensing Market Survey, global authorized retail sales total $271.6 billion. With the enhancement of our IP consciousness, more and more enterprises attach importance to the crossover of animation IP.

How can new players in the children's market quickly establish close contact with target consumers?IP crossover is definitely an option. Ninebot 9 is clearly keenly aware of the great potential of "IP technology products ". The company launched its first children's balance car—Ninebot 9 super flash version with IP "super flash" in may.

Robot no. 9: An electric upgrade to usher in the 2.0 era of children's scooters

Ninebot 9 has again broken down industry barriers with the launch of the E8 Super Freightup version of the Nine Children's electric scooter.Crossover IP with high quality kids scooters. Such a strong combination, is undoubtedly the Ninebot 9 brand and "super flash" IP dual help.

Although consumers are increasingly rational in the face of numerous product choices, brands and products with sense of quality emerge in endlessly, simply grinding product power, it is difficult to continue the growth myth. Can the "children's scooter 2.0 era" driven by Ninebot 9 inject new vitality into the increasingly mature category and the slightly tired children's scooter market? It may be too early to draw a conclusion, but for innovative technology products, deep insight into the target consumers, actively explore the incremental market, is a revealing breakthrough direction.