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Yamaha’s new electric bike Civante: A fitness staple

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Yamaha, the Japanese brand known primarily for pianos and motorcycles, has reportedly been selling e-bikes in the United States for less than two years.Now the company plans to expand the line even further, with the addition of Civante, an electric bike that focuses on fitness.Civante is yamaha's first class 3 electric bike launched in the United States.That means it has only pedals to assist it and no accelerator, and can reach a top speed of 28mph.

Yamaha's new electric bike Civante: A fitness staple

While this is sure to make gas pedal enthusiasts nervous, Yamaha cites market research showing that the class 3 e-bike is expected to grow the fastest in the market because of its faster speeds and the likelihood of replacing cars for commuting and other daily trips.

That's a lot of speed for an e-bike, though, so Yamaha hopes Civante will attract more experienced riders.Think tight shorts, bike sweatshirts, and expensive helmets.Low-lever handlebars and high-pedal frames also seem designed for experienced cyclists.And the $3,399 price tag may put the bike a little out of reach of the average shopper.

Yamaha's new electric bike Civante: A fitness staple

Civante is certainly a gorgeous looking bike -- albeit with a stationary battery -- but its configuration is also impressive.Yamaha's proprietary PWSeries SE drives motors with a maximum output torque of 70 nm and a maximum speed of 110 RPM.A 500W lithium-ion battery can be recharged from zero to 80% in an hour.A 10-speed transmission, double link, Shimano STI shifter and hydraulic disc brakes should provide enough help as the bike climbs.