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Now!You can order a Pure Air Pro scooter from top British brand

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Those looking for the best electric scooters are in luck.Whether you want to speed up your commute or just want to play with a new toy, Pure Electric's new Pure Air Pro is the ideal solution.

Pure Electric says the scooter is' designed with everyday riders in mind and designed to stand out in the real world, and the Pure Air Pro is the next step in a practical, reliable, everyday Electric micro-vehicle. '

What sets the scooter apart from other brands is that Pure is a British company and built it with "typical British weather conditions in mind".Essentially, it can ride in the rain, IP65 water resistant, and doesn't break.

Designed and manufactured by a British brand, you will also receive superior build quality.It is built to safely carry a maximum load of 120kg (driver and suitcase) and adds enviable robustness and safety to your ride.

It has a reinforced chassis and a spacious gripper deck, providing excellent stability.

We also think the Pure Air Pro looks stylish, with sleek designs in black or gray.

The electric scooter is powered by a 350W front wheel motor designed to deliver superior performance in an urban environment at controlled acceleration, with built-in anti-lock electronic brakes (two wheels).

A backlit display on the handlebars allows you to quickly check your driving speed, battery life and mileage.

The Pure Air Pro comes with 10-inch wheels and inflatable tires that together provide a safer, more comfortable ride.

It also features integrated front and rear LED lights that help you see your way while improving the safety and visibility of those around you.

The wide and bright front light allows you to ride your electric scooter confidently at night, while the versatile rear light means you can be seen more easily by others (a feature further enhanced by front, rear and side mirrors).

The Pure Air Pro was designed to be one of the easiest electric scooters on the market to maintain and maintain.Larger 10-inch tires are easier to replace, and easy-to-use tire valves make them easier to inflate.

Of course, if you don't want to maintain it yourself, take it into one of Pure Electric's high street stores for maintenance and upkeep.If you like, you can book online now!