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Bird will resume its electric scooter service in Fort Collins

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Bird, an electric scooter company, will resume its electric scooter service on Wednesday, July 8, in Fort Collins, as more services and businesses remain open.

The electric scooter company suspended service in late March after a coronavirus outbreak prompted it to wait at home for orders.Bird will be available on a rental basis for riders until 9 p.m. during the summer.

"More and more cities, states and countries/regions are looking for micro transportation alternatives such as scooters and bicycles, this is not only minimize traffic means, and it is a way of maintaining current away from the social norms," the Bird would be glad to continue to fort Collins of residents and students to provide a safe and sustainable way, let the scooter to travel in the summer of this year, "said Arthur.

Bird's Vehicle Quality Pledge promises to regularly inspect, clean and disinfect the performance of all scooters.In addition, Bird team members should follow Bird's 8-point street cleaning program and use CDC-approved cleaners.Bird encourages everyone to follow official health guidelines for social grooming and good personal hygiene, such as setting aside six feet of personal space for other road users and washing their hands regularly.

The gist of launching the electric Scooter service in Fort Collins is as follows:

Free rides are provided for medical and emergency personnel.
Quick Start - Quick Start will enable the rider to unlock nearby vehicles by clicking the in-app button.Similar to keyless entry, but suitable for scooters.

Health and Safety - Bird is committed to putting the health and safety of riders, colleagues and the community first.
Colorado State University and Fort Collins are currently working with Bird on a year-long pilot program for electric scooters.The programme has also been extended until the end of 2020.

"The city of New York is excited to continue working with Bird to provide this safe, interesting and sustainable multi-option," said Amanda Mansfield, manager of the Electric Scooter Share Program.