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The new rule!Rules governing the use of electric scooters on London roads

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Most Londoners have probably experienced people passing behind them on electric scooters.

Whether it is in a park, on a road or on a pavement, it may seem like an attractive and exotic way to travel, but it has always been illegal in the UK.

But in many European cities it is usually possible to hire scooters from companies such as Lime, which runs e-bike rental schemes in London, and from companies such as Tier and Voi.In fact, small electric scooters can be rented at the Olympic Park in Stratford.

But electric scooters, which can reach high speeds, could be a way to get people out of their cars, while also reducing the pressure on public transport caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

As renewable energy continues to play a greater role in electricity production, electric scooters have become a low-carbon alternative to cars and have opened up space for roads used by single commuters.

Given the pressure on public transport, the government has taken the important step of legalising electric scooters by allowing a rental trial in Middlesbrough to begin on Saturday.
The government said more than five other councils had also expressed interest in the trial and the TfL had previously said it was keen to help develop national policy on safety standards.

The law has been changed, but for the time being it is only for rent, meaning that those who ride electric scooters in London, whether on the road or on the pavement, are still breaking the law.

If you are arrested, the police will confiscate your scooter, impose an on-the-spot fine and add 6 points to your driving licence.

But stores, including retail giants such as Halfords, are allowed to sell in Britain because they are legally used on private land.

The reason for allowing only rental is to prevent low quality and unsafe equipment from flooding the market.The requirement to rent an electric scooter also means that you will need at least a temporary driver's license or mopeds license.

Grant Shapps, the transport minister, told the House of Commons that the government must insist on licences because of a 19th century law banning the use of "mechanically propelled vehicles" on pavements or cycle lanes.

The scooters' top speed will also be limited to 15.5 MPH, in line with the limits for e-bikes.Helmets will not be required by law at this stage.