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Swapfiets has expanded and diversified its electric scooter program

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Swapfiets, a Dutch bicycle provider, announced that by the end of the year it would offer services in London, Milan and Paris, as well as other electric cars in its range.

In addition to the revised and redesigned Power 7, Swapfiets will gradually offer a foldable electric scooter called e-kick, which is currently being tested on the NUI with the e-Scoot.The Dutch company includes everything in the framework of a monthly subscription, such as a 48-hour repair, license plate and insurance.Founded in the Netherlands in 2014, the company describes itself as a bicycle and service provider.The idea is that for a monthly fee, subscribers can choose to use bicycles or light electric vehicles.As long as subscribers take their bikes or scooters home, the micro-service has nothing to do with sharing.

As of June, Swapfiets had 200,000 members in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Denmark.

About a quarter of them are in Germany, where the service providers are active in 30 cities, and about half of the registered members in Germany are from the four main cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.

In terms of fleet diversity, electric scooters have been launched in several cities.Meanwhile, E-Scoot, developed by NUI, is still being tested and is currently "only available to a limited number of people in Berlin".You can view all available vehicles in each city through the app or company website.Swapfiets stresses that while scooters and scooters have diversified, Swapfiets stresses that bicycles are and will remain the most effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly solution in the mobility portfolio."As a result, Swapfiets continues to focus on bicycles, but at the same time it is responding to growing demand from municipalities and commuters for innovative electric vehicles that provide flexible transportation solutions for first - and last-mile public transportation.