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Vancouver Council is considering the proposal of electric scooters sharing

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The councilors said electric scooter is a convenient commuting option during COVID-19.

A motion to launch an electric scooter sharing scheme as an alternative to transport during the pandemic will be presented before Vancouver city councilors this week.

Instead of going back to driving, the legislators behind the proposal say electric scooters will provide people with a convenient alternative to commuting.

Sarah Kirby-Yung: "We know that on COVID-19, there is concern about re-entry.

"It's a green mode of transportation and I want to give people an option to travel and get out of the car."

Councilors have proposed that city workers should develop a plan that could begin in the fall to share electric scooters in a pilot program.The scheme will not cost city because private operators must pay municipal fees to implement their Shared electric scooter services.