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After KL’s first year, the electric scooter sharing company is expanding to Utama Bunda

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Beam is a Singapore electric scooter sharing startup founded in July 2018 by CEO Alan Jiang and CTO Deb Gangopadhyay.

After KL's first year, the electric scooter sharing company is expanding to Utama Bunda

When they launched electric scooters in Malaysia in early 2019, we wondered how they could avoid the fate of bike-sharing start-ups here.

Some of the problems we have with bike-sharing are abandoned bikes and poorly maintained vehicles (possibly due to vandalism and negligence).

But a year later, Beamproves that they are not only still there, but growing.

After hearing about the launch and expansion plans for the new electric scooter, Vulcan Post contacted Beam Malaysia manager Ng Hui Lin.

Since then, they have expanded their operations and increased the number of electric scooters and parking spaces throughout Kuala Lumpur to more than 70 now, Whelan shares.

After KL's first year, the electric scooter sharing company is expanding to Utama Bunda

Beam first entered Selangor after receiving a request from riders to extend its service to the state and set up the company in Banda Utama.

"Our deployment strategy is data-driven.We want to put the scooter where our riders want it."Wheeling said.

Demand plays only a part.Connectivity and areas where Beam can add value by expanding transport options and/or providing first mile and last mile solutions will also determine Beam's direction.

While they see Selangor as having great potential in that sense, it faces its own challenges."Unlike Kuala Lumpur, which has a higher population density, Selangor is more geographically dispersed.We will need to set up more locations to make sure our scooters are easy to use."She said, adding that they were happy to tackle the challenges.

"For example, in Utama Bunda, passengers are asked to end their trip by scanning the QR code on our parking space," said Hui Lin.

The expansion was followed by the new Beam scooter.

After the first year of establishment of KL, this electric scooter sharing company is expanding to Utama Bangda

The Beam Saturn scooters are equipped with dual braking systems, airplane-class aluminum frames and durable 10-inch safety tires, all designed for rider safety.

Throughout their operation,Beam continues to offer driver insurance,which is integrated into their electric scooter rental at RM2.50 for unlock and RM0.75 for use minutes.

Not long ago, Malaysia witnessed the birth of the first start-up to share local electric scooters with Tryke.

Along with another Singaporean, Neuron Mobility is in Malaysia, which makes me wonder how much demand there is for electric scooters.

I posed this question on Facebook not long ago, asking if any locals had actually seen and used these scooters, and to my surprise, I received a response to make them easier to use.

Beam's name appeared several times in particular, as by then they had covered quite a lot of ground in KL.

But in Malaysia, records of mobile sharing services such as ofo and oBike have lasted for more than a year, so it is too early to say with confidence that Beam has proved the model can work here.