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Common problems in making industrial product design structure

pxidw 2020-07-04 297 times

In product design, drawing making is a necessary process. To make a perfect product requires continuous improvement, so what problems do you often encounter in making industrial product design structure drawings? How is it solved? Presumably, many friends who participate in this industry are very eager to understand this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions for Making Industrial Product Design Structure Drawing:

Inadequate preparation before product design

First of all, before product design, we all need to conduct a certain market survey and data analysis on the product, and a certain feasibility analysis, cost statistics, etc. in accordance with customer needs. These are all factors that need to be considered at the beginning of product design. If sufficient preparation is not made in this process, it is easy to make the process of product design more difficult, and it will slow down the progress of the entire design project and increase costs. , So the preparation work before product design needs to be perfected.

Too many changes after completion of product design

After communicating with customers, market research, and data analysis, it was determined that the design plan should not be changed too much, because it would bring cumbersome design problems to the entire design process. If you need to modify the plan, you need to communicate and discuss before you determine the plan, and formulate the corresponding solution, so that the subsequent design operations will not cause unnecessary trouble. And here is not only about too many changes in the design process, but also frequent changes due to customer requirements, these two points need to pay attention.

Designing industrial product design structure drawings is an indispensable process in product structure design and has a very important role. It is important to know that what is finally presented in front of everyone has been improved countless times. If there is no product design structure drawing, the financial resources will eventually be wasted. It is terrible, I hope the above knowledge can help everyone.