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There are several situations in electric bike, prompting you to replace the battery

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The most feared thing about riding an electric bike is that it runs out of power halfway. In many cases, the battery of an electric car seems to be fully charged, but it is always not far away. In most cases, these kinds of situations occur in the battery, which is to remind you to change the battery.

The battery indicator is full but not far

This is the case of virtual power. Generally speaking, the battery capacity will become smaller after the battery is used for a long time. The original battery runs 60 kilometers at full power. After one year, it may run less than 10 kilometers under full power. In this case, a new battery is needed.

The two poles of the battery turn red or white

The internal substance of the battery is mainly lead and sulfuric acid electrolyte. After a long time of chemical reaction, it will form a white powdery substance. This is caused by the internal crystallization of the battery. In this case, the life of the battery is basically the same. Our best The way to discern is to unscrew the nut of the two poles of the battery and look at the color of the two poles. If it is reddish red or white, it means that the battery should be replaced.

Battery bulge

If your battery is swollen, it is generally caused by overcharging, which means that the charger voltage is higher than the battery's rated charging voltage. After the battery is overcharged, the internal pressure of the battery increases, the battery deforms, leaks, etc. Occurred, the performance of the battery will be significantly reduced and damaged.

The charger turns green when it is fully charged

Many friends will encounter this situation, the electric bike will change from red light to green light when charging. If the charger is good, it means that the battery capacity has peaked and it is time to replace the battery.

If your battery has these four conditions, then you should consider replacing the battery with a new one. Finally, let’s remind you that under normal use of lead-acid batteries, it can be used for one and a half years, and the number of cycles is 350-500 times. If overcharged and overdischarged, the service life will be greatly shortened. In addition, the battery is most afraid of running out of electricity. When you run out, you must remember to recharge in time!