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The best design should be “the road is simple, the plain is home”

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In industrial design and even the entire design field, no one is unfamiliar with the design style of Dieter Rams in Braun (also known as Braun). Dieter Rams proposed the "Ten Commandments of Design" in the 1980s It is regarded as the supreme criterion of design by many designers. Although the design of Dieter Rams was born decades ago, it is the same as the "Ten Commandments of Design", and it is still shining today.

Let's taste Dieter Rams' ingenious refinement about "good design" because they are not only a summary of design methods, but also observe Dieter Rams' attitude towards life.

Good design should be innovative

The possibilities for innovation are always present and endless. The rapid development of technology continues to provide new opportunities for innovation. At the same time, innovative design always advances with the progress of science and technology and will never end.

Excellent design makes the product more practical

The product is bought for use. At least to meet certain standards, not only the function, but also reflect the user's purchase psychology and product aesthetics. An excellent design emphasizes practicality while not neglecting other aspects, otherwise the product will be greatly reduced.

Excellent design is beautiful

The beauty of the product is an indispensable part of practicality, because the products used every day affect our lives all the time. But only superb things can be beautiful.

Excellent design makes the product easier to read

Excellent design makes the structure of the product clear and clear. Even more powerful is that it allows the product to speak for itself. The best is self-explanatory.

Excellent design is humble

The product must be able to achieve a certain purpose like a tool. They are neither ornaments nor works of art. Therefore, they should be moderate and constrained, which will leave a certain space for the user's personality performance.

Excellent design is honest

Don't exaggerate the creativity, power and value of the product itself, and don't try to deceive consumers with unachievable promises.

Excellent design can stand the test of years

It prevents the product from becoming short-lived, but looks never outdated. Different from fashion design, it will be accepted and used by people for many years, even in today's society which is filled with disposable goods.

Good design is thoughtful and does not miss every detail

No details can be perfunctory or there is a fluke. Accuracy and precision in the design process is a respect for consumers.

Good design requires care for the environment

Design can make a great contribution to the environment. Let the product reduce the waste of resources, reduce the damage to nature and do not cause visual pollution during the entire life cycle.

Excellent design is concise

It’s concise, but it’s better-because it condenses the necessary elements of the product and eliminates unnecessary things.

"The road is simple, and the plain is the home"