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Before riding an electric scooter, you should master the safe driving technology of the scooter

pxidw 2020-07-03 286 times

Although the PXID electric scooter is convenient and easy to travel, due to the many vehicles on the road, the complicated road conditions and the frequent weather changes, the editor still wants to tell you some precautions when riding the electric scooter on the road.

1. Wear a helmet

No matter what car you drive, you must wear a helmet. At present, there are half helmets, three-quarter helmets, full helmets and other types on the market, and car users can purchase them according to their actual conditions. When buying a helmet, you must buy one that suits you. Don't try to buy large or substandard products at a low price. After all, this is a safety device, you ride the most important on the road, don't make big mistakes.

Before riding an electric scooter, you should master the safe driving technology of the scooter

2. Put on clothes or protective equipment

Generally speaking, the speed of the scooter is relatively slow, but the speed of the PXID electric scooter can reach 30km per hour. Conditional riders can purchase a set of protective equipment, such as knee and elbow gloves, according to their personal needs.

3. Pay attention to the surrounding traffic situation at any time

After riding an electric scooter on the road, please take the highway to learn how to look at the six roads. Road conditions change rapidly, and you need to pay attention to the traffic conditions around you at all times. In addition to staring at the road ahead, you should also look in the rearview mirror, especially people, cars or animals who suddenly rushed out of the road, they are all killers on the road.

4. Be careful in extreme weather and complicated roads

In rainy and snowy days, it is best to take a bus or subway, and try to avoid electric cars. If you are on the road, you should always pay attention to the water, sand, and even some small ditches and pits on the road. If you do not pay attention, you may fall.

Before riding an electric scooter, you should master the safe driving technology of the scooter

5. Try not to brake hard

Now many electric scooters are not equipped with ABS. This is not to say that he is not safe, but it is easy to have some braking accidents, so try not to brake hard.

6. Timely maintenance and inspection

When there are some small problems with the electric scooter, it should be brought to the repair shop in time to check whether the functions and parts are normal. In addition, check whether the power is sufficient before each ride to avoid delaying the trip without power in the middle.

The above is a summary of the main points that should be paid attention to when riding. I hope that everyone can ride freely and fly freely. At the same time, they can also ensure their safety and make their loved ones feel at ease.