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PXID: N travel modes, which one do you like?

pxidw 2020-07-03 302 times

"N is missing, thinking is like crazy" Recently, major universities have seen similar "N" love letters, and various paragraphs with the signature "N" have also swept the Internet. Today, PXID also has to confess once to everyone. N has many advantages and high quality, N travel modes, I don’t know which one you like?

There is a travel called: low-carbon environmental protection!

PXID electric scooters are driven by electric energy, zero emissions, and low energy consumption. Presumably no friends are unaware, so PXID has a kind of travel called low-carbon environmental protection!

A special experimental study once showed that if you consider the overall carbon emissions of the human body when traveling, then all the carbon emissions of scooter travel are lower than those of walking and cycling, which is a low-carbon and environmentally friendly way of travel. For this result, the friends are very serious, but this is the fact.

There is a travel called: easy and portable love to travel!

Compared with traditional transportation tools, electric scooters are a very lightweight transportation tool that can be carried in a backpack or carried on the hand, and can also be taken on public long-distance vehicles such as buses and trains, and of course brought on an airplane There is no problem at all, it can become your exclusive transportation tool in the tourist destination.

There is a travel call: making single dog travel more attractive

This is a way to travel with the lethality of a scooter. It's called not to give a single dog a way of life! Imagine that one day when you are single, you are walking on the way home, and a couple on a scooter will face up. , Is it a ton of holy light damage will immediately flew, so that you have no time to hide. If I tell you, the oncoming couple you, boys are relying on PXID scooters to win the beauty, so what are you waiting for?

How, is there a way to travel that makes your heart beat? PXID electric scooter, let you cool free travel life.