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The Harley-Davidson electric scooter concept is so cute, it’s coming out in 2021

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Harley-davidson gave up LiveWire about two years ago, a $30,000 electric bike that reached 60 miles in three seconds and made you look like Captain America.But a much cheaper, less heroic model may emerge.

Check out this strange-looking thing.This is the Harley-Davidson electric scooter concept car, and it doesn't look like any hd model you know.So why develop something that a traditional customer might not want?

Well, it's not like Harley hasn't ridden a scooter before.The e-bike and scooter market is said to be about $100 million, and it's no surprise that one of the world's biggest brands of two-wheelers wants a piece of pie.

We think that's reasonable.During the week, many of the Harleys' riders are businessmen, sometimes commuting into crowded cities.And, while the Numbers for this morning's presentation are hovering in your head, it's best not to use the shift lever or clutch.

The vehicle is currently in the concept stage.According to our intelligence, the product's sales date will be around the end of 2021, and the company is also working on electric off-road bikes.The COO commented:

"We are expanding our range of electric vehicles, which will vary in size, power and price.When you look at electric cars, that's the new customer base we bring."Michelle Kumbier is with the program.

There are multiple versions of this concept.One concept has a plain tubular frame painted orange, while the other has a square chassis.However, both use halo-style headlights.

The rider has a simple plastic seat for high comfort.The battery pack and motor are housed in a removable module that powers the rear wheels.In addition, the battery has a handle, indicating that Harley-Davidson can rely on the battery replacement system to increase its range.

There is no detailed technical data for electric scooters, which will be specifically for urban environment.But since no license is required, the top speed is expected to be 25 km/h.