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PXID electric scooter: design changes riding experience

pxid 2020-07-06 288 times

With a more comfortable riding posture, foldable and more portable, and longer battery life, the PXD electric scooter believes that only by combining the above three points can it be a good solution for daily commuting in the city. Therefore, many special designs have been made for this purpose, just to give riders a better travel experience.

PXID electric scooter: design changes riding experience

The A3 electric scooter, as a scooter product under the PXID, has a very detailed design, which is very suitable for daily urban mobility choices, and has a good reputation among the car users who have purchased it.

The development and design of the A3 scooter is based on solving the common problem of past scooters-"uncomfortable riding position". In the past, the scooter products were too narrow for pedaling, and they had to stand with their feet folded back and forth, which was uncomfortable for men or fat people. Instead of simply widening the pedal, I chose the design of the pedal. This can ensure that the scooter is portable and compact. When the pedal is extended, it can also ensure that the riders’ feet stand parallel and stand apart, making the riding posture more comfortable. Too.

As a folding scooter, the folding function is essential. The A3 electric scooter uses a very simple multi-folding, which can be easily completed in just a few seconds, and the volume after folding is very small. And the scooter uses high-resistance, high-toughness high-grade aviation aluminum materials, which controls the weight of the whole vehicle to 12kg, and eliminates the phenomenon of loosening and expansion of the frame caused by frequent folding and unfolding. Such a portable scooter can easily enter supermarkets and offices, can be used for short-distance transportation, and can be used for long-distance 4+2 travel. It is a very practical travel tool for wild speed matching.

PXID electric scooter: design changes riding experience

When developing the A3 electric scooter, the design team not only carefully considered the shortcomings of the scooter, provided riders with a better riding experience, but also considered the important battery life of electric travel tools. Only if the three points of comfortable riding, portable foldability and longer battery life are available, can the scooter become a good solution for daily commuting.

The battery of the electric scooter is pluggable and replaceable, and the upper is placed on the body pole, so you don’t have to worry about problems such as water intake when you travel on rainy days. The replaceable battery allows riders to simply replace the battery with a fully charged battery and continue to ride when the existing battery runs out. Each time the battery is replaced, the battery life is about 15km. You can fully prepare according to your needs. Battery backup.

PXID Industrial Design Company's precise grasp of user needs and detailed product design are products that you can't miss in pursuit of comfortable riding in the city. I believe it will definitely bring you a riding experience.