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British government announces electric scooter test plan

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As part of the "Transportation Revolution", the government has announced plans to allow electric scooters to travel on British roads.

The Ministry of Transport is inquiring about what rules are needed to safely try these rules. Other suggestions to make modern technology improve the journey include medical delivery of drones and a new public transportation reservation system. The design of the electronic scooter is similar to the traditional children's scooter, but it is driven by an electric motor.

British government announces electric scooter test plan

They are a popular means of transportation around the world, but it is illegal to use them on public roads and sidewalks in the UK.

The consultation covers the minimum age of the rider, speed limits, permits, insurance and helmet, and whether they should be allowed to enter the bike lane.

Grant Shapps, the transport minister, said the UK is at the cusp of the transport revolution and that emerging technologies are "plagiarizing rules."

He continued: "This review will ensure that we understand the potential impact of various new modes of transportation (such as electric scooters) and help to properly inform any decision regarding legalization."

Although electric scooters are not allowed on public roads and sidewalks, many people still use electric scooters in the UK.

British government announces electric scooter test plan

YouTube star and TV presenter Emily Hartridge became the first person in the UK to be killed while riding an electric scooter when he was hit by a truck in Battersea, South London last July . Electronic scooters will be tested in Portsmouth, Southampton, Derby, Nottingham and West Midlands.

The council will sign a contract with the company to provide electric scooters for rent on the street.

The government must revise the legislation before starting the pilot program, which means that electric scooters will be allowed to travel on British highways for months.

90 million pounds of government funding will provide support for transportation innovation experiments. Medical supplies between the Isle of Wight clinic and the mainland hospital will be carried by drones to save time.

Self-driving cars will allow people to move between Bristol Airport, the northern suburbs of Bristol and central Bath.

The government will also provide advice on how to test emerging technologies for buses and taxis to simplify trip planning and payment.

This includes making buses easier to run on demand.