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How scooters and electric vehicles become alternatives to cars

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Save time at work and avoid the daily stress caused by traffic jams and parking.

According to data from the platform, the French motorized two-wheeler market is growing strongly, with a 12% increase in 2019. The Yamaha, Honda, BMW, Kawasaki and Triumph brands topped the sales list. We can also refer to Orcal or Harley Davidson in the scooter segment, more specifically Peugeot, Piaggio, Sym or Kymco.

How scooters and electric vehicles become alternatives to cars

Motorists who have just come into contact with two-wheeled motor vehicles are looking for a complementary way of travel on a pure urban journey, usually going to the 50 cm 3 category spontaneously. In addition, speed-limited models are limited to young customers for a long time, but their advantage is that they can travel easily and park easily. Therefore, this model is very popular now. More broadly, the two-wheeler market goes up to ~125cm3, and it performed well in 2019 in a year, with more than 10% of sales.

Therefore, on the one hand, there are customers mainly in the city, on the other hand, their customers are more considering the practice of electric scooters as an alternative route solution covering long distances, especially in the weekend. End or vacation. These are experienced cyclists who want to obtain so-called "road" electric vehicles of medium (500 to 750 cm 3) or large displacement (greater than 1000 cm 3). These models guarantee vehicle comfort, driving pleasure and most important mechanical performance. Last year, the market share of China's emissions reached 20%.