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No.9 robot releases new electric scooter E22, with 9-inch large tires and fixed speed cruise

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Under the epidemic situation, the use of public transportation to and from get off work and purchases may result in the spread of droplets and contact transmission. Self-driving cars are relatively the safest way to travel, but not all people have private cars. Therefore, one person, one car, light and compact, safe and fast electric vehicles and electric scooters have become the first choice for many people during special times.

In the field of electric scooters, the No. 9 robot has sold 3 million scooters, which is widely loved by users at home and abroad. The design of its scooter products is more distinctive, and its quality and after-sales protection are also well-known. Recently, the company launched an electric scooter with full upgrade experience-the No. 9 electric scooter E22, which uses 9-inch high-elastic shock-absorbing tires, which not only has the comfort of pneumatic tires, but also the maintenance-free nature of solid tires. At the same time, it is equipped with BMS intelligent management system, 300W Hall brushless DC motor, double brake system and 2.5W high-brightness LED light, which can ride up to 22km. The most important thing is that this car is a symbol of the trend.It has a high rate of turning back when riding, and it can be called a new generation of young people's cars!

No.9 robot releases new electric scooter E22, with 9-inch large tires and fixed speed cruise

Simple appearance, one frame can be folded with one click

The E22 electric scooter E22 continues the high-value design concept previously awarded the German iF Design Award certification. It has a simple appearance, outstanding value, and can be seen in the vast "car sea". The body adopts an aviation-grade aluminum alloy integrated bending frame, which is simple and stylish and highly recognizable. A car bell is included with the car, and it will ring when you dial to improve driving safety.

When we choose an electric scooter, we must not only choose a simple and stylish appearance, but also try to choose a small and light weight scooter that is best to fold, so that it is easy to carry when going out and can slide in different places. The E22 body weighs only 13.2kg and can be pulled and carried with one hand. One-button folding design, it can be folded and pulled like a trolley box. The folded body is only 113cm long, which can be easily brought into elevators, subway cars, and placed in the trunk of the car.

No.9 robot releases new electric scooter E22, with 9-inch large tires and fixed speed cruise

Three core advantages to create a safe travel experience

In terms of safety, the No. 9 electric scooter E22 has three core advantages:

1. Advanced BMS technology

Since 2012, the No. 9 robot has used more than 300 million lithium batteries, and has delivered more than six million vehicles using lithium batteries as energy sources worldwide. The lithium battery of the E22 electric scooter E22 uses the company's self-developed intelligent BMS 5.0 system. This technology has been iteratively upgraded after 7 years of technology, with short circuit protection, over current protection, double over charge protection, and double over discharge protection. , Undervoltage protection and other cell protection measures.

No.9 robot releases new electric scooter E22, with 9-inch large tires and fixed speed cruise

2. High-elastic maintenance-free tires

At present, the common scooter tires are 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. It is recommended that you choose a scooter with a tire of more than 8 inches. This way, it has high safety and good steering. Because the small wheels will really bump you into doubting your life, you will slow down through the bumps, and you may fall easily when turning. The E22 tire uses 9-inch high-elastic shock-absorbing tires developed by the No. 9 robot for three years. After 5000 kilometers of wear testing, the high-elastic shock absorption is comparable to pneumatic tires. No inflation is required, and it is not easy to burst.

No.9 robot releases new electric scooter E22, with 9-inch large tires and fixed speed cruise

3. Aviation grade aluminum alloy frame

The E22 uses an aluminum alloy frame, which is light and strong. After 700kg strength test, it is not bad for 10,000 kilometers.

In addition, E22 also designed a dual brake system, E-ABS electronic brake + rear brake, effective braking distance as short as 4 meters, more safe.

The battery can be extended to 45km, and the 300W motor is more powerful

The normal speed of E22 is 20km/h, and the endurance can reach 22km. Its battery also supports expansion, plus a battery (need to be purchased separately), battery life can be increased to 45km, extended battery speed can reach 25km/h.

In addition to the large battery capacity, the electric scooter also has a high-power motor to ensure that the scooter has strong power and climbing ability. Of course, the power is not the greater the better, too much waste, too little power is insufficient, E22 is equipped with 300W Hall brushless DC motor, peak motor power up to 700W, fast start, strong climbing, sufficient power, it is definitely enough.

No.9 robot releases new electric scooter E22, with 9-inch large tires and fixed speed cruise

The E22 has adjustable power in 3 gears.The speed in energy-saving mode is 15km/h, the speed in normal mode is 20km/h, and the speed in sports mode is 25km/h (you need to add an external battery to unlock it).The three-speed mode can be switched at will. , Sports mode will accelerate faster.

Safer and more powerful lighting system

Taking into account the safety of users driving at night, E22 headlights use 2.5W high-brightness LED driving lights, the irradiation distance is up to 13.5 meters, and there is no pressure to cross the road without lights at night. The lighting principle of the cut-off line of the driving light, the light source is concentrated on the road surface, and it is not dazzling, and it is friendly to the coming people and the car.

The rear lights are added. When the front lights or brakes are lit during riding, the tail lights will automatically light up to ensure driving safety.

Powerful mobile APP, you can make new friends when you start cruise control

E22 is a smart electric scooter.It can be connected to a mobile phone APP and install the Segway-Ninebot mobile phone APP.It can not only check riding data, start fixed-speed cruise, and lock the car with one key.It can also recognize the same love as you. Partners, expand the social circle and share the joy of riding together. Constant speed cruise is a very practical function.After turning on, the vehicle will automatically keep its current speed and does not need to keep pressing the throttle.It can reduce the tension and fatigue of hand control.The way to release the constant speed cruise is to press the throttle again. Or brake.

No.9 robot releases new electric scooter E22, with 9-inch large tires and fixed speed cruise

In general, the No. 9 electric scooter E22 solves the problems of existing tires on the market such as explosive tires, not durable, short battery life, and unsafe.It has been improved and optimized from the aspects of appearance, performance, and safety. Flexible and durable, both during and after the epidemic, it is a convenient tool for travel. Not only that, because of the need to stand while riding, E22 can also solve the problem that female office workers can't wear skirts while riding bicycles.