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Elka electric scooter entrepreneur calls on government to revise laws

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Driven by the determination to resolve air pollution and traffic congestion in London, two young businessmen asked members of Congress to amend the law to ensure a bright future for all of us.

The couple initially became friends at school. They united because they hated fossil fuels. They were determined to promote change, so they set up their own electric scooter company.

The two called for reconsideration of the law on the use of electric scooters on public highways and bicycle lanes.

Elka electric scooter entrepreneur calls on government to revise laws

Alex Gatehouse and Luke Martin personally wrote to members of Congress, and Congressman Scott Mann MP met him at the door of the Capitol.

Scott praised the co-founder of Elka Scooters: "Improving transportation in the city is essential, but I think you can also use these methods to completely change the way people travel in rural communities."

Luke realizes that security is essential.

He said: "We are passionate about the future of technology, but fully understand that regulations will be the key to progress.

"This concern is real and reasonable for the risks faced by scooter riders themselves and others, and managing these risks is critical to the successful introduction of the technology.

“Anyone riding an electric scooter will soon see this attraction. It’s 10 times faster than walking, it’s fun to ride, completely emissions-free, and much cheaper than public transportation.

Elka electric scooter entrepreneur calls on government to revise laws

“It’s no wonder that global adoption is so fast. It’s an incredibly effective and enjoyable mode of transportation – we realized back in 2018 that due to the outdated legal status of the UK, let alone its astronomical public The cost of transportation, commuters are seriously missing."

Alex believes that electric scooters can start the electric revolution. He said: "Imagine if every morning, instead of spending one-fifth of your monthly salary on deteriorating train services, you can skip the test tube altogether and ride a green energy bike to the office-happy and full of energy And ready to start the day? If we will, this is the future that electric scooter technology can provide for us."

"The scooter will be the starting point and will transition to the road of using other forms of electric transportation for all of us in the future. It may just start from the first few miles of our daily commute, but it turns out that life is changing."

Elka believes in promoting large-scale adoption of electric transportation by making electric scooter ownership affordable and trouble-free. It believes that everyone should be able to obtain sustainable transportation and set new standards in the following ways:

Elka electric scooter entrepreneur calls on government to revise laws

• The "rider plan" with an Elka electric scooter costs only £19.50 per month.

• All riders can get online electric scooter safety courses and get certification.

• Provide driver support for all 24/7 drivers and provide on-demand repair services

• Elka Model-T is the world’s first electric scooter with a removable battery-running out of power is a thing of the past.

• The company has promised to plant a tree for each Model-T it sells.