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In special periods, electric vehicles have become my indispensable tool for fighting epidemic diseases

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From the holiday of the Chinese New Year holiday on January 23rd until today, the days affected by the epidemic have been almost fifty days. Seeing the latest epidemic data, as of today, the confirmed and cured cases in Wenzhou have been basically the same, and we finally saw the dawn of victory. At the same time, we will not forget that in this "epidemic prevention and blocking war", everyone is trying to reduce the burden of the "epidemic" personnel in the front line in their own way, which of course includes me and my Electric scooter.

In special periods, electric vehicles have become my indispensable tool for fighting epidemic diseases

At the beginning of the Spring Festival holiday, as the first province to issue a first-level response, the people of Zhejiang actively responded to the government's call and started living in the house with the rations stored in the refrigerator. It is said that the quarantine period is only 14 days, and everyone is very optimistic-only 14 days, it will pass after a while. However, the reality is not what we expected. What we are seeing is that the time for resumption of work has been repeatedly delayed, the number of confirmed diagnoses is increasing, the distribution of infected areas is expanding, and the total suspension of urban bus services.

With the continuous reduction of Tunliang, outsourcing to purchase living materials has become a rigid need. In order to reduce the risk of group infections, the streets began to issue permits, stipulating that each household can only send one person out of every two days to purchase the necessary living materials.

Due to the epidemic situation, the vegetable market in the neighborhood next door has been forced to suspend business. The nearest vegetable market is 2 kilometers away. Usually, the aunts who took the trolley and took the bus to purchase were all in trouble at this time. It takes at least half an hour to walk, which is really a physical task. The responsibility of our family for grocery shopping falls on me. After all, I am the only owner of an electric car in the family who has a motorcycle driving license. Not only are Electric scooter more flexible to go and stop, but they are also convenient to enter and exit the farmer's market with their small bodies. Of course, they have become the first choice for travel in special periods.

In special periods, electric vehicles have become my indispensable tool for fighting epidemic diseases

Our community is a small gathering place for "butter". You can tell by looking at the number of calves in the basement. However, because many car owners usually travel by themselves, the utilization probability of electric vehicles is not high. However, it has been found that the frequency of riding on electric vehicles has greatly increased after years. In fact, it is not difficult to understand. As everyone resumes work, every day Commuting to and from work has become the biggest travel demand, and electric vehicles have more travel advantages than cars.

Several of my self-driving colleagues often complained, because many communities and small roads were closed during the epidemic. If you drive to work, the road that you can still walk yesterday often becomes a dead end today, and then you turn around embarrassingly and become more irritable. Said, often because of detours, resulting in late check-in to work. In contrast, electric vehicles are much more convenient. I have been taking the road near the community recently to commute. Not only will I not be restricted by road closures, but also few people.

Of course, while traveling is convenient, it is also important to pay attention to vehicle maintenance and disinfection. We have a group of butter. Recently, we often see car owners saying that because they did not ride an electric car for a long vacation, they hurried out to find out that the battery can no longer be charged. In fact, this involves a common sense: electric vehicles that are idle still need to be recharged from time to time. Like me, during the Spring Festival period, I will also check the power on the electric APP. Try to ensure that the power has been around 50%. "Sleep period" is a good state of battery maintenance.

In special periods, electric vehicles have become my indispensable tool for fighting epidemic diseases

Another thing is that you should also pay attention to disinfection when riding an electric car during the epidemic. Now before going to work every day, I will wipe the handle and seat with diluted alcohol, and then fully disinfect the entire body every week.

Recently, I often read everyone’s diary of the war and found that everyone is using their own ways to deal with this sudden outbreak. Today, the victory of the anti-epidemic has already dawned, but the people who travel hundreds of miles are half ninety, and experts have repeatedly reminded us that we cannot relax our vigilance at critical moments. Here I also remind everyone that although the trend of the epidemic situation has moved towards a benign development, it is still best to choose personal travel when going out, and insist on winning in the end.