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NIU’s 70 km/h NQi GTS Sport electric car is on sale

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NIU launched the upgraded NQi GTS Sport electric car at the EICMA 2019 Milan Motorcycle Show in November last year.

Now, the company has just announced the opening of orders for new scooters. At the same time, the first batch of customers will also receive substantial discounts.

The recommended retail price of NIU NQi GTS Sport in Europe is 3599 Euros (including 19% VAT), but a discount of 500 Euros is offered as part of the NIU pre-sale. EU customers who wish to book a scooter can pay a deposit of 100 Euros.

NIU said that the NQi GTS Sport scooter will be picked up at local dealers across the EU in April, so drivers only need to wait for about a month to receive the vehicle. The final payment after deposit will be done at the dealer.

NIU's 70 km/h NQi GTS Sport electric car is on sale

The EU's pre-sale period only lasts until March 31, when the electric car will return to its standard manufacturer's recommended retail price.

The next day, April 1, the pre-sale period will be open to American customers in the United States. The discounted US price is $3,799 (before taxes).

NIU began selling its electric scooters in the United States in the second half of last year after it was first brought to the United States as part of the Revel electric scooter sharing program.

There are currently three types of NIU electric scooters in the United States, of which the NIU NQi NGT is expected to become the fourth NIU model to land on the US coast.

NIU NQi GTS Sport is the company's highest performing electric vehicle. The NQi GTS Sport is equipped with a NIU ENERGY dual battery pack system. The total capacity of a pair of 60V and 26Ah NIU ENERGY battery packs is 3.1 kWh.

According to the company, a single charge should be sufficient for a range of 80-100 kilometers (50-62 miles) when driving at high speeds.

With Bosch's 3 kW continuously rated rear hub motor, GTS Sport can reach a top speed of 70 km/h (44 mph).

This year's scooter gets wheels and handling upgrades with larger 14-inch wheels and more sporty suspension.

The scooter includes an on-board computer that continuously transfers its internal data to the cloud. Drivers can remotely monitor vehicle diagnostics, GPS and theft alarms from their smartphones. The smartphone app can also track ride history and display weather, maps, battery status and other useful data.