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Rijeka launches new electric bike sharing system

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As shown in the first month of the official plan of the European Capital of Culture, Rijeka will be full of interesting cultural events in 2020. Moving from one exhibition to the next, and then going to concerts or performances, is becoming easier, faster and more environmentally friendly.

Now, locals and city guests can use public electric bicycles. You can easily rent a bike, ride around Rijeka, then park and return it to the terminal. The new public electric bicycle system is already running under the name "RiCikleta".

Rijeka launches new electric bike sharing system

How does "Ricikleta" work?

Bicycle stops are available at four locations in the city-on the Adriatic Square, in front of the Youth Pavilion, on the pedestrian bridge on Rječina (on the Susak Bridge near Kont) and on the plateau of the Kantrida pool garage.

There are 7 bicycles at each terminal in these four locations, and all bicycles are equipped with a software system that can be rented through mobile applications. In addition, because the system also allows the bicycle battery to be charged on the terminal base, the terminal can be used as a special bicycle charger.

To rent a bicycle, you need a smartphone and you need to download the GO2BIKE app on it. By scanning the QR code (that is, payment via QRPay code), anyone who is over 18 years old can rent "Riciklet".

Rijeka launches new electric bike sharing system

The price is 10 kuna per hour. Please keep in mind that the maximum duration of continuous use of the bicycle is 3 hours. Before the three-hour period expires, the cyclist must return the bicycle to one of the four existing stations around the city.

Public electric bicycles can be used in the administrative area of Rijeka. The wheel size of the bicycle itself is 28 inches, and the frame size is 18 inches. It has a 9-speed engine, in addition to a large-capacity battery, when you ride a bicycle up the mountain in the city, it will definitely help you. Every bike is tracked by GPS.

About the project

"RiCikleta" is a project in the city of Rijeka with a total value of 1.3 million Kuna. The total value of 200,000 kuna is jointly funded by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism. The rest is provided by the city budget. The graphic design of electric bicycles and towers on the dock is the work of designer Vesna Rozman.

Rijeka launches new electric bike sharing system

When deputy mayor Marko Filipović launched the project in the city center, he emphasized that RiCekleta and "RiCikleta" joined the city that promotes urban transportation. In addition, local authorities will consider expanding the project based on citizens’ reactions.

The first ride of the electric bike "Ricikleta" was ridden by the famous cyclist of Rijeka Vladimir Mihorjevic. He expressed the hope that the project will be the first step in establishing a bicycle infrastructure that will connect Rijeka with the surrounding cities and municipalities.