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Ding Dong! Your electric bicycle battery maintenance guide has been delivered

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Many people ride electric bicycles, but many people do not know how to maintain electric bicycles. The most important thing for a car is the battery. Let's talk to everyone about how to maintain the battery?

Reasonable charging makes your battery more durable

Overcharging will cause the battery to swell, and not fully charged will directly affect your riding. The charging time in winter is often longer than in summer, so choosing a standard charger is also the key to charging. Try to use the original factory-equipped charger.

Ding Dong! Your electric bicycle battery maintenance guide has been delivered

Give the battery box a comfortable environment

The battery box needs to be kept in a clean and ventilated environment. The presence of debris in the battery box may wear or even wear the battery. The battery box needs to retain the vents. Do not use it in a closed environment to prevent accidents caused by gas accumulation in the battery.

Plan your trip to avoid fast charging

Plan trips in advance for daily trips to avoid running out of power and using a fast charging device. Although fast charging is very convenient, the impact on the battery is very large. The high-load voltage entering your battery through the charger will cause a chemical reaction in the internal structure of the battery, which will affect the battery's service life over time.

Ding Dong! Your electric bicycle battery maintenance guide has been delivered

Regular maintenance

Any equipment needs maintenance, every three months to do all aspects of your car maintenance, check the circuit, tire pressure, light bulbs, etc. At the same time clean the battery box to see if the battery is fixed loose.

Develop good riding habits

When we are cycling, it is best to drive at a constant speed, so that the battery is the most stable when it is discharged. If we ride an electric bicycle, it is either very fast or very slow, then when the battery is discharged, the pressure will be very large, which will also affect the service life of the battery.

Tips: When you use electric bicycles, you must pay more attention to see if you have the wrong habits. If you have any, you must correct them. Otherwise, the service life of electric bicycles will be greatly reduced.