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By looking at this new electric bike, you can’t even tell if it’s electric

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Now, anyone who wants to ride a new electric bike on the street in the summer can expect a good time. The new Rakede Boost from Bonovelo is available today. The cost is 1,899 euros. In particular, due to its simple design, racing bikes do not look like traditional electric bikes.

Using single-speed electric bicycles, the manufacturer Bonvelo is introducing an electric bicycle that, as it says, eliminates unnecessary decoration. For example, the frame was modified so that the battery cell of the electric bicycle disappeared inside the tube. Instead, an inconspicuous display screen was used instead of the delicate screen on the handle. Bonvelo's single-speed electric bike was launched in February 2020, with a pre-order price of 1,499 euros. From March, the price will increase by 100 euros per month until June, and then reach the manufacturer's final recommended retail price of 1899 euros.

By looking at this new electric bike, you can’t even tell if it’s electric

Bonvelo's single-speed electric bike wants to score on these features

According to Bonvelo, in addition to its compact design that makes electric bicycles look like ordinary bicycles, manufacturers are also committed to other functions. For example, a wheel motor with a rear wheel drive power of 250 watts should provide a lot of thrust and can achieve a cruising range of 60 kilometers. The power (five different levels) is changed through the display on the handlebar, and a small display shows the distance traveled, speed and distance traveled.

The bike is also equipped with a CDX belt drive with Gates carbon fiber drive. For lamps, manufacturers rely on Rakede Boost's LED kit, which is included and can be charged via USB. If you are looking for something more upscale, Bonvelo offers the so-called "Rakede Boost Plus Kit". This includes integrated lighting (from Lightskin) for seatposts and handlebars.

Can book and provide discounts to customers. Anyone who has already taken action in February must place a bicycle of 1,499 Euros (standard configuration) on the table. The current price is 1,599 Euros (remember, it will cheat $100 per month). According to Bonvelo, another benefit for pre-orders is that during the discount campaign until June 2020, the company will also pay for transportation. You save €29.90.