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Knowledge is up, it turns out that the installation of electric vehicle batteries is more durable!

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Electric vehicles have become a favorite transportation tool for people. The power source battery of electric vehicles is the core component that people care about most. The quality of the battery directly determines its life span and mileage, but some batteries are caused by improper installation. "Finished" in advance.

Good installation technology can make the battery play a normal life, and can eliminate potential safety hazards.

Before battery installation

Since the battery will be transported for a long distance before arriving at the store, bumps and bumps are inevitable on the way, so check whether the battery is damaged or leaking before installation, and clean the surface of the battery with a dry cloth. If the battery case is cracked and leaked, it should be replaced immediately The battery, so as not to cause the acid to corrode the battery box, connection line and other phenomena.

Knowledge is up, it turns out that the installation of electric vehicle batteries is more durable!

When the battery is installed

1. When installing the battery, it should be placed upright and not upside down. At the same time, it must be shock-proof, pressure-proof, and waterproof. The installation is firm. The flame-retardant material is placed between the battery and the battery to avoid impact and friction between each other during use;

2. The battery will release gas. In order to ensure safe use, the battery box in which the battery is installed must have a vent hole and must not be blocked to prevent the gas generated by the battery from accumulating in the battery box and causing a dangerous accident;

3. The connection cable of the battery should be installed and fastened. The battery box that is too large can not be used. The solder cannot be soldered. It is best to gently pull it by hand. In addition, the wire can not press the battery to ensure that the battery will not loosen after installation;

4. After connecting the battery, use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the battery output port. The actual voltage of the battery is slightly higher than the marked voltage by 2~5V, so that it can operate normally;

5. At the end of the installation, check the power failure of the brake, adjust the brake to check the rolling resistance before and after, inject oil into the movable joints of the key parts, check the air pressure and tire pressure, and ensure safe travel.

Knowledge is up, it turns out that the installation of electric vehicle batteries is more durable!

When installed and running

1. When the electric vehicle is running, do not recharge after the battery is exhausted. Once the battery is exhausted, turn off the power and do not use the battery's "recovery voltage" to force the drive to prevent the battery from being caused by "overdischarge". Life shortening phenomenon;

2. If the electric vehicle is not used for a long time, the battery needs to be fully charged before shelving it. It is strictly forbidden to store it for a long period of time in a state of power loss;

3. The battery continues to charge for more than 10 hours, the charger still does not change the lamp, and the battery is hot, you should stop charging immediately, and leave it to the battery after-sales service. It is strictly forbidden to continue charging without the charger changing the lamp.