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Delivery of Juiced Scorpion scooter-style electric bikes at 28 mph starts

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At the end of last year, Juiced Bikes launched its latest electric bike model, Juiced Scorpion.

Pre-sale of double suspension, mopeds through the Indiegogo crowdfunding event. The day after the Scorpion was first announced, it had been almost six months, and it has now appeared in the driveways and garages of the first early adopters.

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to test drive a juice scorpion before delivery.

Delivery of Juiced Scorpion scooter-style electric bikes at 28 mph starts

Electrek's Seth Weintraub was so obsessed with electric bicycles that he spent money on his mouth and became one of the first customers to book the bicycle.

Juiced Scorpion made its debut at a low price of $1,299 as many people think, and it is available in black or blue. According to the company, the black model has just arrived in the United States and is being delivered. The blue model is being shipped, which was delayed due to the global shipping complexity caused by the coronavirus.

Juiced Scorpion has a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h), and its nearly 700Wh battery pack has a range of up to 45 mph (72 km).

Since the end of the initial pre-order sales, the price has risen to $1,699.

Delivery of Juiced Scorpion scooter-style electric bikes at 28 mph starts

For those seeking a higher-spec scorpion, Juiced Bikes also offers HyperScorpion. That bike increased the top speed to 30 mph (48+ km/h) and was equipped with a larger 1,000Wh battery. It also has a larger 1,000+W motor, rear turn signal lights and other additional features not available in the basic model Scorpion.

The price of HyperScorpion is $2399, but it will not be shipped temporarily. According to Tora Harris, founder and CEO of Juiced Bikes:

The long-term supply chain disruption has had a greater impact on the development and production of HyperScorpion. I have been working directly with our HyperScorpion engineering team and hope to share some incredible new features of the bike soon.

Although I am disappointed with the delay, I believe our supporters will agree that it is definitely worth the wait! We will continue to closely monitor the situation in China and work hard to manufacture HyperScorpion safely as soon as possible. Based on our revised HyperScorpion production schedule, we currently expect to begin shipping in late May.