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With a top speed of 110 mph, solar electric vehicles are about to hit the road

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Aptera Motors, an emerging company in California, is designing a solar car. The biggest highlight of the car is that it can be driven without charging the car’s charging pile. Under normal circumstances, the car can rely on solar power panels to provide the vehicle with 70 kilometers per day. The battery life is extremely low.

At the beginning of 2019, Aptera was restructured under the leadership of two executives, Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony. The two launched a crowdfunding campaign to develop and start this solar electric vehicle without charging.

With a top speed of 110 mph, solar electric vehicles are about to hit the road

According to the company, according to the current pure electric models, the battery efficiency it carries is never enough to allow the vehicle to continue driving at a low cost. We can obtain power from the sun and transfer it directly to the battery. There is almost no loss in power efficiency, and It can provide about 70 kilometers of electricity every day!

Aptera develops solar electric vehicles that use solar thin films and allow solar panels to cover the entire body, which is why it never needs to be charged. On the appearance of the vehicle, the car uses a drop-shaped appearance, the body uses lightweight composite materials, and can be recycled.

At the same time, the company also provides users with free electricity that can drive 17,000 kilometers per year, so that it can ensure that the owner can travel even if it is overcast and raining. In addition, if you can’t use up 17,000 kilometers of electricity, the remaining power can be used for users. Home power.

Another feature of Aptera includes the option to upgrade and replace the existing solar panels on the vehicle. This option is essential for extending the life of EVs. Users can replace or upgrade any of the four panels at any time. This makes repairs easy and allows them to be upgraded in the future. Company executives explained that this solar car made of composite materials can be used for more than 50 years if properly maintained.

In terms of performance, the solar car has a standard version and a long-distance version. The maximum speed of the car is 110 mph, and the time from 0 to 60 mph is only 4 seconds. Performance version completes 0-60 mph acceleration in 3 seconds. It is said that the car is also equipped with an advanced "CoPilot" system for autonomous driving. Although the car is small and light, it still has 0.7 cubic meters of storage space. The price of the car is between US$36,000 and US$59,000, and the company claims that it will produce 10,000 cars by 2022. Original title: Sunbathing in the sun for a hundred miles