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Can electric bicycles be folded like this?

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Today I will introduce to you a FLIT folding electric bike from the UK. Its team members include former engineers from Jaguar Land Rover, designers and cyclists from Cambridge, England. It is said that several members of the team started this project in 2015. After three years of polishing, this model has been turned from a design to a reality.

First of all, the design of the car is very simple. At first glance, it feels a bit like Xiaomi electric bicycle. The editor thinks the most special feature of this model is that its frame has three foldable parts, namely the handlebar, front fork and rear fork.

After folding, it is smaller than the general electric bicycle of the same size, and it will be more convenient to place. The weight of 14kg is not too heavy for carrying.

Can electric bicycles be folded like this?

The frame is made of 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, and the whole vehicle contains 14kg of battery. The battery is inside the frame, the cylinder is removable, 7Ah/LG battery is used, and the battery life is 30~50km. It is equipped with 16-inch tires, a 220W octagonal motor, a maximum speed of 25km/h, a torque sensor, and a self-designed rear suspension suspension.

Can electric bicycles be folded like this?

The model was successfully crowdfunded on kickstarter and indiegogo two crowdfunding platforms last year. The crowdfunding price was 1699 pounds, and it received more than 200 buyers. FLIT has cooperated with Taiwan's frame factory for more than 30 years to achieve mass production and is expected to ship in March this year.

Since many years ago, we felt that the folding structure of the electric bicycles currently on the market is not friendly, and it is even a little tasteless, because it is inherited from the traditional folding bicycle structure, we simply add them to the battery motor control. There is no substantial innovation, until Xiaomi’s electric bike has been folded a little bit.

Can electric bicycles be folded like this?

Seeing FLIT's folding structure once again made a little innovation. We know that bicycles are different from scooters. Because more components limit the design of the structure, is its experience already the optimal solution? I don’t think so, I look forward to more innovative products.