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Electric scooter startup Tier Mobility acquires Coup’s electric moped

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Tier Mobility operates a scooter service, a scooter with pedals. It has acquired assets from Coup (Moped), a scooter service that no longer exists. The coup was closed at the end of last year, and Tier Mobility plans to take over and start its own shared moped service.

To be clear, the coup is over, but the moped will still insist. As part of the transaction, Tier Mobility now has about 5,000 mopeds and charging infrastructure. It plans to launch its own moped service in Berlin in May. Both scooter and moped services can be accessed from the main Tier app.

Electric scooter startup Tier Mobility acquires Coup's electric moped

The coup has established a cooperative relationship with Taiwan's electric vehicle company Gogoro. You can expect to be able to access the same moped, but get new paint.

"We have gained valuable experience on electric scooters and can now effectively use them in the field of electric mopeds. Many customers want to use slightly faster vehicles at medium distances of 4 to 10 kilometers. Now, we can now To provide these people with high-quality vehicle services." Tier Mobility co-founder and CEO Lawrence Leuschner said in a statement.

Before closing, Coup operated in Berlin, Paris and Madrid. It is unclear whether Tier Mobility also wants to launch moped services in these cities.

Tier Mobility currently operates in 55 cities in 11 countries. It is currently concentrated in Europe. The company is located in Berlin.

It will be interesting to see how Tier Mobility charges its customers for moped service. Unit economics has always been a major problem for Coup.

"Although Coup is a well-known brand in this market and has a loyal customer base that regularly uses our services, in the long run, operating Coup has become economically unsustainable," Coup said when it closed.