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3000 yuan, how to choose an electric car?

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In 2020, due to a new crown epidemic, electric vehicles will become "tight goods" overnight! People's Daily, Henan Health Construction Commission, Huazhong Science and Technology Professor, CCTV host, etc. have encouraged electric vehicles to travel, which is convenient and safe! There are so many electric car brands, how to choose? Many netizens have asked on the Internet, what kind of electric car should I buy with a budget of about 3000 yuan?

3000 yuan, how to choose an electric car?

Recommended usage scenarios: last mile, grocery shopping, express delivery, etc.

Electric light motor: speed is more than 25 and 50 kilometers per hour, this type of electric bicycle has more functions than the national standard car, the motor power is about 600-1000W, to the basic parts manufacturers will increase the configuration of shock absorption, speed change, LCD instrument, etc. The travel is relatively comfortable, the cruising range is about 60 kilometers, suitable for users who travel on short and medium distances, and the selling price is about 2,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan.

Recommended usage scenarios: going to work, shopping, picking up children, etc.

Electric motorcycle: Speed over 50km/h, with novel and luxurious features, more complete functions, with intelligent system, equipped with LCD instrument to display speed, mileage, voltage, power, etc., also equipped with turn signals, language prompts, etc., cruising range At about 70-80 kilometers, it is suitable for men who love cycling and long-distance riding. It is not a matter of shopping and leisure at work. The price is about 3500 yuan to 4500 yuan.

3000 yuan, how to choose an electric car?

Recommended usage scenarios: long distance travel, sports and leisure, etc.

Next, once the selected electric vehicle is available, the motor, controller, battery, and charger, as the most critical components of the entire electric vehicle, must be investigated. The quality of the four major parts directly affects the user's driving experience and Safety. In terms of driving mode, we must consider comprehensively and choose the mode with low loss, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

Finally, you need to personally experience the ride. At this time, focus on the details of the brakes, seat comfort, whether the pedal bent legs have enough space, whether the meter shows normal, and whether the motor runs smoothly!

In summary, when you buy a brand electric car that is safe and secure, it not only guarantees the after-sales warranty, but also brings a more comfortable riding experience. Now you should know how to buy an electric car!