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What is the RideyGo! smart system in the No. 9 electric car?

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It's coming, it's coming, it's coming with a halo of black technology! Anyone who has experienced the No. 9 electric can't escape the law of true incense! Among the six reasons for recommendation, RideyGo! intelligent system ranked first!

What is RideyGo! Smart System?

Ninebot RideyGo! is an intelligent system independently developed by our siege lions whose hairline has moved back and forth for two and a half years.

To put it simply, RideyGo! The intelligent system is the soul of No. 9 Electric. It understands you like your boy/girlfriend. It can perceive your status while riding, making your riding process more concise, safer and more intimate, subverting your understanding of the way electric vehicles travel in the past.

RideyGo! What can an intelligent system do?

The RideyGo! smart system has five major function points, including Ninebot AirLock sensor unlock, smart faucet lock, ride sensor, parking sensor and power promotion, throughout your journey.

In short, whether you are driving, parking, cycling, parking, cart, RideyGo! intelligent system will be around you to help you judge the scene, improve your travel experience.

Next, let Xiaobian answer you one by one

Ninebot AirLock sensor unlock-no longer afraid of lost keys

As for the unlocking method of electric vehicles, the most familiar one is the key unlocking. With the development of technology, the unlocking method of electric vehicles has also evolved to push-button or touch-type one-button startup...but some of these unlocking methods require you to carry the key Or the remote control, some are limited by the climatic environment, rain and humid environment will affect the use.

Ninebot AirLock sensor unlock (the most recommended unlock method)

This is a true "keyless" unlocking method. Connect the vehicle with the Segway-Ninebot App via Bluetooth. The electric vehicle can sense the user at any time through the induction between the vehicle and the mobile phone. When you as the owner are approaching, you don’t need to pull out the key. The key can unlock and start, even more chic, you can even sit directly and the vehicle can unlock and start. This kind of experience not only greatly facilitates the daily travel experience, but also saves the trouble of taking off the gloves to find the key when it is cold.

In extraordinary times, whether it is to go shopping for food or commute to work, it is safer to stay outdoors with less contact.

In fact, in addition to the unlocking methods mentioned above, we also provide two other "handsome" appearances.

NFC swipe to unlock

Nine electric also comes standard with NFC card unlock function, similar to Tesla Model 3 card key. If your phone crashes, or you use a non-smart phone, the NFC key card comes in handy. The owner only needs to swipe the card on the sensor of the car to unlock the car.

Remote unlock

You can remotely boot through the App. At this time, if you see the car is awakened, your friend can turn it on with one key and ride directly. After riding for a distance, get off the car and support the car. Long press the custom key to turn off the lock car. If the automatic car lock function is turned on, even if there is no need to operate the other, you can turn off the car and lock the car directly after leaving the car support, which is not too convenient.

As a special reminder, we have provided 2 mechanical keys for everyone. It is not for everyone to unlock, but it is convenient to open the car's seat barrel under special circumstances.

What is the RideyGo! smart system in the No. 9 electric car?

Smart faucet lock-automatically unlock when starting, automatically lock the car when shutting down

We are no stranger to the traditional electric car lock method. Pulling the key, putting the side support, and locking the remote control, it takes a series of steps to complete the lock action.

But No. 9 electric does not need these cumbersome steps, it is simple to unlock, and it is also neat to lock the car.

No. 9 electric smart faucet lock, just stop and put down the side brace, then directly tap the faucet to the left, without the key to operate the lock faucet, the faucet lock will automatically lock, the operation is simple and fast, stop and go is not a dream.

Ride sensor-no car, no acceleration

Some users of electric vehicles have more or less encountered such situations: In some special scenarios, the car needs to carry out a certain distance to drive normally. It is easy to ignore that after turning on the car switch, when the two-handed cart, the handlebar is accidentally touched. When the car is out of control, there will be a "take-off" phenomenon, which is very easy to cause a safety accident.

And many car owners did not remove the car key when the electric car stopped, and the playful children mistakenly twisted the throttle handle of the electric car, the vehicle suddenly accelerated to start, causing the electric car to capsize and injure children.

The No. 9 electric body is full of sensors, which can avoid accidents caused by accidental screwing operation.

When you ride a bike, the ride sensor can detect whether someone is sitting on the seat cushion through the sensor, and then judge whether the No. 9 electric car is in the driving mode. If no one is sitting on the seat cushion, the car will not start even if the handlebars are turned at will.

Parking sensor-the side brace will not be received and the car will not start

Many car owners have experienced similar experiences, forgot to take the side brace and rode directly on their beloved little motorcycle. Do not mention the side support, which undoubtedly bury a time bomb for yourself during the ride, ranging from turning to dumping, and endangering the safety of life.

What is the RideyGo! smart system in the No. 9 electric car?

The No. 9 electric motor with sensors all over the body can give you a "no start" reminder. When the vehicle is in the parking state, that is, the side support is opened, the vehicle will not start when the throttle is turned. This is also a vehicle that accidentally twists the throttle. Friends double insurance to ensure personal safety.

Help to promote-make "cart" labor saving and safer

Most electric vehicles weigh more than 50 kilograms, and slightly larger ones even exceed 100 kilograms. Normal road riding is not much of a problem, but when encountering steep slopes, even men need to spend a lot of energy. No need to mention girls with less effort.

The riding of a general electric car requires 8 steps to get it: the remote control is unlocked-the key is inserted-the P file is unlocked-the car receives the side support-the ride-the key is removed-the car is placed and the side support is locked-the remote control is locked. And our C series car only needs 3 to complete! It is convenient and efficient to get the side brace on the car-ride-get off and put the side brace on.

These are the five major functions of the RideyGo! smart system. Are you already planting grass while riding a traditional electric car?