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Electric vehicles are the safest, most reasonable and convenient “national-level prevention and control vehicles”

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The national resumption of work is in full swing, and major media and experts have advocated independent transportation. How to choose transportation in daily life and work has become a hot topic among netizens.

An article published by the Health Times, the director and sponsor of People’s Daily, said that electric vehicles “one person, one vehicle” are the safest, most reasonable, and most convenient “national-level prevention and control vehicles”. Compared with public transportation, electric cars have a more independent space for one person and one car.

Electric vehicles are the safest, most reasonable and convenient

Rarely, the party newspaper so much love, grass-roots electric bike finally found a place in the fight against the virus. The Health Times uses the three "most" words, although it seems a bit rushed, but think carefully, when the epidemic is not over, the resumption of work has begun, and when people begin to flow in large numbers, there is really nothing more than electric bicycles in cities. It's safe.

Not long ago, there were confirmed cases of infection of bus drivers and taxi drivers, which led to the isolation of many people. Do you know what it means to be quarantined? If you can’t go out, the cost of food and accommodation is your own. Don’t think about doing anything, even if you’re not infected, you will live like a year.

It is easy to avoid this situation by riding an electric car. One person and one car, its independent space is safer. Here, we continue to call on:

Electric vehicles are the safest, most reasonable and convenient

First, call on relevant departments to actively release positive signals, give electric bicycles more rights to travel, guide and regulate the majority of car owners to comply with traffic regulations, and refuse to unreasonably suppress electric car owners and related industry operators such as sales stores, repair shops and manufacturers.

Second, it appeals to the majority of office workers to choose to ride electric vehicles. On the one hand, it can prevent virus infection and avoid isolation. On the other hand, it is more environmentally friendly, faster, and lower cost. Spring has arrived, the willow branches in the south of the Yangtze River have hung down, and the fireworks are in front of you in March. The good spring light is just waiting for you to enjoy it by bike.

Third, appeal to the majority of electric vehicle sales shops, repair shops and related companies to resume the work and start the business as soon as possible, actively serve the car owners, provide high-quality products, and fight against the virus and promote the development of the transportation economy. Due contribution.