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Huck Cycles launches a fast and powerful American-made reinstatement electric moped

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Electric bicycles will enter their own era in 2020. Not only are there many interesting and cheap import options, but now we have also seen electric bicycles made in the United States. Headquartered in North Carolina, Huck Cycles is the latest manufacturer of electric bicycles. We recently interviewed the company ’s founder to learn about the company ’s bicycles and background.

Brett McCoy founded Huck Cycles last year with the goal of using as much local materials as possible to make retro-style electric mopeds.

Huck Cycles launches a fast and powerful American-made reinstatement electric moped

As a long-term rider, Brett tried to capture the fun of the two-wheeler he experienced when he was riding his first earthen bike for the first time at the age of 8, but Brett soon started his present with his wife and children In their lives, he thinks it may be time to use bigger bikes for smaller, simpler, and more affordable things, something that requires less time and provides more riding time. Therefore, electric mopeds seem to be the perfect answer.

Some bikes, some motorcycles, all fun and games, electric mopeds.

At first, Brett just wanted to find an interesting journey. He bought a Juiced Scrambler electric bike and liked it, but wanted something more like a motorcycle. Then, he bought a Super 73 electric car, but the result was in the same place-sitting on a beautiful bicycle, but still want something that can provide more services, which is what eventually led him to create Huck Cycles And design your own electric moped.

Huck Cycles launches a fast and powerful American-made reinstatement electric moped

Although Brett started importing models from overseas like most companies, he eventually spent several months developing his own frame based on the classic Puch-moped frame, which can be built locally in North Carolina. He built the battery in California and tried to source as many parts as possible in the United States. This is not always possible, for example, the 750W to 3000W in-wheel engines he rides are almost all from Asia, but Brett is still proud of keeping most of his bicycle (and all components) in the United States. There are few electric bicycle and electric moped companies that actually make bicycles in the United States, which makes Huck Bicycles part of a few companies.

Although some companies are assembling in the United States, they still produce frames overseas. Huck stands out as one of the few companies that started with a local frame structure.

Huck Cycles launches a fast and powerful American-made reinstatement electric moped

Brett ’s proudest models are his Rebel and Karma electric mopeds, both of which are built on the same frame, but Karma is a street regulation level 2 electric bike with a rated power of 750W, the highest The speed is 32 km / h and the tires are street tires. Rebel is designed for those who want a more authentic experience. Users can unlock the bike and set the maximum speed programmed in accordance with local regulations. Depending on the situation, the maximum speed can reach 64 kilometers per hour with the restrictions completely removed. But Brett recommends that most people set it to comply with local moped regulations of 30 or 35 mph to ensure passengers comply with local regulations.

For those who want to run faster, there are higher motivation options. Although the basic model Rebel ships has a 48V system and a 1000-watt engine, drivers can choose to upgrade to 52V, 60V, or 72V systems and engines up to 3000W, which will bring faster acceleration and higher maximum speed. Brett pointed out that his goal is not to put a bunch of rogue bicycles on the street, he does not want to help create a bad image of electric moped riders, which is why he provides user-programmable options so that the rider can comply with local laws and regulations while Make the most of the bike, and for those who want to stick to the typical 750 watt and 20 mph class 2 electric bike, there is always such a choice.

Huck Cycles launches a fast and powerful American-made reinstatement electric moped

Huck Cycles is not a big business, the team's goal is to keep producing about 10 bicycles per month, and they have just started.

These bicycles are handmade and customized, allowing customers to choose customized car paint colors and designs, from molded fiberglass "tanks" to stitched colors on leather upholstery and seats. The ordering process is largely a "design" Your bike "process.

Huck Cycles launches a fast and powerful American-made reinstatement electric moped

Despite being handmade and highly customized, the price of these electric mopeds is actually quite reasonable. The price of the basic commuter starts from $ 2,200, the price of the 1000W unlockable bicycle increases to about $ 2,800, and the price of the 3000W "do n’t tell your wife how fast it really goes" model reaches $ 3,600. Real Puch electric moped parts, real 12V motorcycle lighting, turn signal and accessory system, double suspension, hydraulic disc brakes (although the rear disc brakes are mechanical) and other motorcycle level parts, these make the bike feel like A unique product with high added value.