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UK plans to increase £ 250 million for bicycle lane and fast electric scooter trials

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As part of efforts to prevent the resurgence of coronaviruses, the government is expected to invest £ 250 million in British bicycle lanes to encourage commuters to work instead of using public transport.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps is expected to announce the funding when he makes his appearance at the Downing Street Coronavirus conference on Saturday.

According to the Press Association, it is also planned to conduct a quick test on the use of electric scooters on British roads. At present, the use of electric scooters on roads and sidewalks in the UK is prohibited (up to 15.5 mph).

The government launched consultations on legalizing electric scooters in March and will need to pass secondary legislation to legalize its use.

UK plans to increase £ 250 million for bicycle lane and fast electric scooter trials

Activists called for a fundamental redesign of the transportation system to prevent a rebound in air pollution levels after the lock-up period.

Studies have shown that air pollution may play a role in the high mortality rate of Covid-19. Dirty air can weaken the heart and lungs.

In Italy, scientists are studying the coronavirus detected in air pollution samples, whether they can carry it farther and increase the number of infected people.

Nine organizations, including Greenpeace and the Transport Action Network, have written to the Secretary of State of the United Kingdom, responsible for transport and environmental affairs, as well as the prime minister, leaders of local and local authorities, and mayors.

The letter reads: "If, after unprecedented efforts and sacrifices to save thousands of lives from Covid-19, we allow the devastating consequences of toxic pollution to be reduced by thousands, it would be completely absurd."

UK plans to increase £ 250 million for bicycle lane and fast electric scooter trials

The organization ’s requirements include widening sidewalks, protected bicycle lanes, and installing bus doors, bollards, and flower troughs to restrict traffic in residential and shopping streets. The letter also called for low-traffic community networks and priority walking and cycling along major roads.

The letter was signed by Greenpeace UK, CPRE, British Bicycles, Environmental Protection Fund, Global Action Plan, Living Streets, Feasible Zones, Transport Action Network, and Transport and Environment Agency.

The candidates also suggested a 20 mph speed limit in the built-up area and banned the sale of new gasoline, diesel cars and trucks by 2030.

Restrictive measures taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic have led to a significant drop in road traffic in parts of the UK, with air pollution falling by as much as 60%.

A YouGov poll commissioned by Greenpeace UK found that 71% of people are worried that once the restrictions are lifted, air pollution may return to pre-lock levels.

The survey also found that 58% of people supported the introduction of bicycle lanes on the city ’s main roads and increased government investment in walking and bicycle infrastructure.

The letter called for immediate action to lock in the reduction of road traffic and take measures to ensure that "when the country acts again, it will act in a cleaner and safer way."

Rebecca Newsom, the head of British politics at Greenpeace, said that Milan and Brussels have taken measures to give priority to pedestrians and cyclists in the city center.