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JD and Xinri join forces to build C2M electric vehicles for young consumers

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After the epidemic, the mode of travel changed, and electric vehicles became "sweet and sour" ... More young people joined the cycling family and enjoyed the "panoramic sunroof, travel by car". On May 11, Xinri Electric launched two new flagship flagship products, XC Mini and C5, on JD. The fashionable appearance, innovative smart safety technology, and comfortable and convenient experience attracted many consumers to watch.

It is reported that these two models are C2M reverse customized models jointly launched by JD and Xinri. According to data from the Jingdong platform, consumers are most concerned about electric vehicles in addition to performance. Appearance and logistics. With the increase of young users, fashion has become the core demand. Claim.

"Good-looking" is the first commonality of the two electric vehicles launched this time. The good appearance meets the "face value needs" of the younger groups. "Not only is it good-looking" but also represents the strength of these two vehicles. The design concept of the new XC Mini coincides with the MINI car. Its cute headlight design and large exclusive instrument make the aesthetic concept and innovative technology blend; the C5 series electric bicycles are more technological, and the frame design inspiration Due to the current wave, it has a suspended LED instrument and matrix-type excess rear lights. In addition, in April, 54.9% of the people who bought electric vehicles on used commuting, so electric vehicles pay more attention to the convenience of use. Their relatively smaller size can better help urban women solve parking problems. And charging problems, in the true sense to achieve freedom of entry and exit. Despite its small body, the pursuit of comfort has not decreased. The XC Mini is equipped with saddles, seat cushions and backrests with a black-skinned surface material, while the C5 is equipped with a large, safe and waterproof bucket, which can easily accommodate backpacks, tablets and other objects, and can have a comfortable journey during commuting. At the same time, another 20.9% of users are used to pick up and drop children, so they also pay close attention to safety issues. C5 is equipped with bright headlights to ensure the safety of driving at night; scientific brake configuration, fast and stable parking, to ensure the safety of drivers; XC Mini uses ASP anti-speeding safety system to prevent misuse; all-inclusive rear mud board, beautiful More practical.

JD and Xinri join forces to build C2M electric vehicles for young consumers

The Xinri brand entered in 2014, and the two parties have maintained close cooperation for six years. Based on JD Big Data, they continue to develop new models that better meet the needs of consumers. In 2018, the two parties jointly created an exclusive cooperative product XC1 electric car in response to the pain points of traditional electric vehicles such as no pedals, poor battery life, and unattractive appearance that users are concerned about. After the launch in April 2019, the new day XC1 electric car sold hot in JD. The pre-sale exceeded RMB 1 million for the first time, and the turnover of 618 jumped to the top 1 of the brand, and the single product sales accounted for more than 60% of the total sales of the brand.

In the future, Xinri will continue to innovate and develop new types of electric vehicles based on the advantages of big data and consumers' preferences and demands for electric vehicles, to fully and deeply meet consumer needs and create a comfortable and convenient travel life.