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China’s electric bicycle industry policy overview and development trend forecast

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An electric bicycle is a two-wheeled bicycle that uses a car battery as an auxiliary energy source, has a pedal riding ability, and can realize electric assisting and / or electric driving functions.

Electric bicycles are generally composed of electrical systems, control systems, decorative parts, body parts, and accessories. The electrical system is mainly composed of motors, controllers, batteries, converters, flashers, lamps, horns, main harnesses, etc .; the control system is composed of speed control levers, brake levers, brake cables, brakes, switches, etc .; decorative parts It mainly includes body covering parts and rear trunk, etc .; body parts mainly include frame, front fork, direction handle, rear flat fork, rear hanger, saddle, rear shock absorption and other special parts and special parts for electric bicycles (such as Bottom axle, crank pedal, flywheel, chain, chain adjuster, etc.); accessories attached to the vehicle are composed of charger, bumper, rearview mirror, etc. The core components of an electric vehicle are the frame, battery, motor, controller, and charger.

China's electric bicycle industry policy overview and development trend forecast

In order to better promote the development of the electric bicycle industry, the country has successively issued industrial policies:

In February 2011, the China Bicycle Association issued the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of China's bicycle industry, pointing out that it is necessary to actively promote cycling culture, promote industrial upgrading, actively carry out environmental protection public welfare activities for cycling, and vigorously promote the low-carbon bicycles and electric bicycles. Rich in green, healthy, leisure, and fashion, better play the role of the bicycle industry in the development of a low-carbon economy, promote product quality, expand the popularity of private brands, increase the market share of high-end and high-end products, and continuously improve the domestic market Consumption level, improve the comprehensive strength of the industry, and promote industrial upgrading. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, we will further implement various policies to expand domestic demand, expand electric bicycles to the countryside, and expand the domestic demand market.

In May 2015, the State Council issued "Made in China 2025", which clearly proposed that sustainable development should be an important focus for building a strong manufacturing country, strengthen the promotion and application of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, processes, and equipment, build a green manufacturing system, and take the development of ecological civilization. the way.

The Energy Conservation Law of the People ’s Republic of China, revised in July 2016, stipulates that local people ’s governments at and above the county level should give priority to the development of public transportation, increase investment in public transportation, improve the public transportation service system, and encourage the use of public transportation to travel ; Encourage the use of non-motorized transportation.

China's electric bicycle industry policy overview and development trend forecast

In August 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Light Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)" which pointed out that the bicycle industry should be promoted to be lightweight, diversified, fashionable, and intelligent. Accelerate the development and application of high-strength light materials, transmissions, transmission systems, new energy, smart sensing technology and Internet of Things technologies. Focus on the development of diversified bicycles such as fashion and leisure, sports and fitness, long-distance off-road and high-performance folding, and lithium-ion battery electric bicycles and smart electric bicycles that meet the standards.

In November 2016, the State Council released the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" National Strategic Emerging Industries Development Plan, which pointed out that we must grasp the global energy reform and development trends and the requirements of China's industrial green transformation development, focus on ecological civilization construction and respond to climate change Focus on carbon technology innovation and application, guide green consumption, promote green products, greatly increase the proportion of new energy vehicles and new energy applications, comprehensively promote the construction of an industrial system with high efficiency and energy saving, advanced environmental protection and resource recycling, and promote new energy vehicles, Green and low-carbon industries such as new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection have become pillar industries.

Affected by favorable factors such as policies, China's electric bicycle output increased. Data show that in 2019, China's electric bicycle production was 36.093 million, a year-on-year increase of 10.1%. After the implementation of the new national standard for electric bicycles, the industry has shifted from high-speed development to high-quality development.

China's electric bicycle industry policy overview and development trend forecast