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Vicor’s new DC-DC power conversion module increases the life of electric bicycles

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American power supply company Vicor has announced that its PI3741 DC-DC power conversion module has been successfully installed in the Tritek Power travel electric bicycle, which effectively improves the battery power supply and reduces the heat dissipation of the battery pack, making the travel electric bicycle travel The mileage is longer and more reliable.

As a leading supplier of spare batteries for travel electric bicycles, Tritek Power in Shenzhen, China, specializes in the production of spare battery packs for travel electric bicycles. Its products have small size, high efficiency, high reliability and strong electromagnetic compatibility characteristic. According to reports, the backup battery pack of Tyco Power's travel electric bicycle weighs just over 2 pounds and can provide a driving range of nearly 30 kilometers.

The motor of the travel electric bicycle is driven by DC. Although the lithium-ion battery outputs DC, the output voltage of the battery is not very stable as the battery power and the external environment change. Therefore, a DC-DC converter is needed to provide the motor Stable voltage. An excellent DC-DC converter must not only have a stable output, but its conversion efficiency must be high enough to ensure that the battery power is fully utilized. The overall efficiency of Tyco Power's battery pack can be as high as 90%, which is 5% -10% higher than similar products. Among them, Vicor PI3741 DC-DC power conversion module is indispensable.

An excellent DC-DC converter can not only improve the utilization rate of battery power, but also reduce the heat dissipation of the battery pack, so that the battery pack's heat dissipation requirements will be reduced, and the use of heat sinks will be avoided, thereby further reducing the battery pack Size and weight.

Vicor's new DC-DC power conversion module increases the life of electric bicycles

The most prominent feature of the PI3741 DC-DC power conversion module used by Tyco Power is the high efficiency. Its input voltage range is 30V-42V, and the output voltage is 42V, which is very suitable for the output conversion of the backup battery pack of travel electric bicycles. . Due to the high efficiency and less heat dissipation, the thermal management design of the battery pack becomes simpler. As fewer components are used, the reliability of the battery pack is also improved.

Vicor's proprietary zero-voltage switching (ZVS) technology allows PI3741 to have excellent high conversion efficiency. ZVS technology makes the voltage during switching to zero, reducing silicon loss during switching. Vicor integrates the ZVS topology into the chip, achieving high integration at high conversion efficiency, reducing the number of external components, reducing the size of the solution, and improving the reliability of the product.

The PI3741 module provided by Vicor to Tyco Power is packaged in LGIZ form, which is more convenient for heat dissipation. The size is only 10 mm x 14 mm x 2.5 mm, and the conversion efficiency can be as high as 97%, which is two percentage points higher than the competitive products. In addition, PI3741 has very low EMI radiation, which provides a strong guarantee for customers' terminal products to meet the strict quality certification of Europe and the United States.