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Does the epidemic change the way of travel? Accidentally “popular” bicycle

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The World Health Organization has previously issued a technical guide: "When feasible, consider cycling or walking to help people stay away from cluster infections and to meet the minimum needs for daily physical activity. . "

Denmark and the Netherlands may be a “reference object” to promote cycling: in the Danish capital Copenhagen, half of the commuters travel by bicycle every day; in the Netherlands, there is also a huge network of bicycle lanes.

United Kingdom: "Cycling" package

British Transport Minister Grant Sharps announced on May 9 a package worth 2 billion pounds (about 17.5 billion yuan) to encourage people to ride bicycles and walks, and announced that these two will be The mode of travel is "at the heart of the government's transportation policy." Part of the funds in the package will be used to improve the infrastructure for cycling and walking, including widening the sidewalks and building bicycle lanes.

Does the epidemic change the way of travel? Accidentally

Sharps also said that the government will also launch a nationwide event that plans to double the number of bicycles on the road by 2025.

Italy: bicycle purchase subsidies

Italian Minister of Transport Paula de Micheli has announced that in order to encourage alternative travel and ease the pressure on public transport, the government will provide a subsidy of 500 euros (about 3842 yuan) for the purchase of bicycles.

Does the epidemic change the way of travel? Accidentally

At present, this measure only targets large cities with more than 50,000 residents. In addition to buying bicycles, residents can also apply for subsidies to purchase scooters, balance bikes and other mobility tools.

France: Bicycle repairs can be reimbursed

The French Ministry of Energy and Transport has announced a funding plan with a total amount of 20 million euros to encourage the French people to travel by bicycle after the national “unblocking” on May 11 to ease the pressure on public transportation.

According to regulations, each person can reimburse 50 euros for bicycle repairs; employers will also receive government funding to provide 400 euros of transportation subsidies for employees who commute by bike.

Does the epidemic change the way of travel? Accidentally

In addition, this plan will also provide special funds for the construction of temporary bicycle lanes, the establishment of bicycle parking spaces, and funding of bicycle training courses.

Germany: Expanding the area of bicycle lanes

In Berlin, Germany, automobile traffic was reduced due to epidemic restrictions. The municipal department then redrawn the road signs, appropriately reduced the area of the car lane, and expanded the temporary bicycle lane.

Does the epidemic change the way of travel? Accidentally

This measure is intended to meet the needs of safe cycling during the epidemic and help cyclists maintain the prescribed 1.5-meter "social distance".