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What is an electric bicycle? What is an electric motorcycle?

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Soul torture: What is an electric bicycle? What is an electric motorcycle? An electric bicycle is a charged bicycle, and an electric motorcycle is a charged motorcycle. Is this an explanation?

How to distinguish electric bicycles from electric motorcycles?

1. How to define

Electric bicycle: A two-wheeled bicycle with on-board battery as an auxiliary energy source, with pedal riding ability, and electric power assist or electric drive function.

Electric motorcycle: It uses electric drive, has two or three wheels, no cab, and can take two people at most. It is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other national motor vehicle product authorities for production and sales. Motor vehicle inquiries. There are two types of ordinary motorcycles and mopeds.

What is an electric bicycle? What is an electric motorcycle?

2. The difference between certificate

The electric bicycle's certificate also has information such as the vehicle model and the entire vehicle code, but it has not been filed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The electric motorcycle's certificate is the same as the car certificate, with information such as vehicle model and frame number, and must be found in the motor vehicle product catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

3. Frame number

The entire vehicle code for an electric bicycle is 15 digits, and its location is different depending on the brand of the vehicle. It is generally located at the connection between the handlebar and the front wheel, under the seat, etc.

The frame number of an electric motorcycle is 17 digits, and the frame number of non-imported electric motorcycles starts with the letter L and has a VIN mark. Generally located at the windshield below the handlebars.

What is an electric bicycle? What is an electric motorcycle?

4. What brand to hang

Electric bicycles that have a pedaling function and conform to the new and old national standards can be officially number plates; electric two-wheelers that are neither electric bicycles nor electric motorcycles can be temporarily number plates.

Electric motorcycles have no feet, so you must wear a helmet when riding, and the hanging brand belongs to the motorcycle number plate.

5. Whether a driver's license is required

Electric bicycles are non-motorized vehicles, and no driving license is required to drive electric bicycles on the road.

Electric motorcycles belong to the category of motorcycles, and driving electric motorcycles on the road requires a corresponding driving license. Ordinary motorcycle driving license: E, moped driving license: F.

6. Which cars cannot be listed

The origin of the vehicle is unknown, the product certificate does not match the vehicle information; the electric bicycle is illegally modified, assembled, or tampered with; the entire vehicle code is missing or modified; it is an electric two-wheeled motorcycle; other situations that do not comply with the laws, regulations, and rules.