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Using the world’s first “permanent” self-recharging motor wheels, what is the endurance of DX electric bicycles?

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The number of electric bicycles in China has exceeded 250 million, and one in six people owns an electric bicycle. The implementation of the new national standard involves the daily use of hundreds of millions of users: many people complain that electric vehicles are slower and battery life is shorter, which is becoming more and more impractical.

Is there a technology that can improve the endurance of electric vehicles under the existing voltage and power regulations?

The Dexquisite team has designed the world's first self-recharging mountain bike DX, which combines the features of multi-function, environmental protection and economy, and provides a new experience for people to travel.

Using the world's first

DX self-charging motor hub

First talk about its biggest feature: automatic charging.

DX uses the self-rechargeable motor hub developed by the Dexquisite design team. This hub is the world's first "permanent" self-rechargeable hub. The development process took the team five years of time and effort. It can collect the energy generated by the user during riding with super high efficiency, convert and store the energy into the battery of the bicycle, so as to provide people with more lasting power during the subsequent riding.

Using the world's first

This innovation allows users to charge the battery in two ways, including downhill sprinting and pedaling.

Using the world's first

Design and function

Whether from the perspective of an electric bicycle expert or a manufacturer, the design of each component of the DX is integrated with the overall shape, while being very durable.

Using the world's first

The DX body uses 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and the body can carry a weight of up to 136 kg, which is strong and reliable. The DX is equipped with a 7-speed Shimano transmission, hydraulic disc brakes, and front and rear hydraulic suspensions. The test results on various terrains are excellent, and it is a professional mountain bike.

DX is equipped with a smart LCD screen and 9 auxiliary modes with different speed levels, allowing users to intuitively understand the status of their car, including speed, power, riding distance, cruising range and current mode, etc.

Using the world's first

The body is also specially equipped with a USB mobile device charging interface, which can be used for charging mobile phones, tablets and other devices, people do not need to go out and carry the charging treasure. When it comes to storage, DX has a 7-second quick folding system, which can easily complete the folding of the body, which is convenient for users to store and carry.

Using the world's first


DX electric bicycles provide two kinds of power motors: 250w and 500w; and two kinds of batteries: 10.4Ah battery mileage is 45km, 13.6Ah battery mileage is 65km.

Using the world's first

DX electric bicycles can ride at a speed of up to 32km / h, which can be said to be the fastest means of transportation between cities under the condition of ensuring safety. (Note: The new national standard stipulates a maximum speed of 25km / h)

Limited edition product: DX Champion

DX also published a cool hand-painted limited edition eBike, whose body has an unprecedented gradient texture. The two-color fusion of yellow and red, the whole car is painted by the designers manually, very unique.

Using the world's first

At present in the Chinese market, the pure electric cruising range of electric bicycles generally exceeds 40km. To be honest, the endurance of the DX electric bicycle is not as strong as expected, but it embeds a self-charging function from the wheel, which provides a technical idea for how to effectively improve the endurance. It is also an inspiring innovation.