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Can the new national standard electric bicycle “speed up”?

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With the improvement of people's living standards, the streets are full of traffic and traffic is very heavy. Therefore, electric vehicles have become a travel tool for many people. Coupled with the fact that many cities have begun to "prohibit motorcycles", electric vehicles are undoubtedly the best alternative to motorcycles.

At present, the total number of electric bicycles in society has reached 250 million, and the annual output is more than 30 million. In recent years, in order to occupy the market and cater to consumers, some electric bicycle production and sales enterprises have become larger, heavier and faster, which has caused serious harm to the order, management and safety of roads. Caused a large number of casualties. In response, the country issued and implemented the "Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycle Safety" (hereinafter referred to as the new national standard). This electric vehicle standard, known as "the most stringent in history", stipulates that the mass of the entire vehicle does not exceed 55 kg, the maximum speed does not exceed 25 kilometers, the rated power of the electric bicycle does not exceed 400 watts, and it must have a pedal riding function.

Can the new national standard electric bicycle

With the implementation of the new national standard, many electric vehicle owners report that the riding speed is too slow. Some businesses claim that they can provide "upgrade speed" after-sales service. "After listing a new electric car, you can return to the store for speed-up services. As long as it costs 50-100 yuan, you can enjoy faster driving speed."

Does this "speed-up" service exist?

It is understood that the clerk of many electric car stores replied: It is illegal to modify the speed, and the speed prescribed by the new national standard can meet daily travel.

The person in charge of the relevant departments such as the Municipal Market Supervision Administration and the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Administration emphasized that the "speed-up" of the new national standard electric vehicle or the modification of the vehicle will be dealt with seriously once verified.

Has the "speed-up" phenomenon of electric vehicles also occurred around you? Regarding this phenomenon, the editor's view is: the speed limit of the new national standard must have its truth. Nowadays, there are a lot of vehicles traveling on the street, and the speed is not necessarily a good thing. Everyone wants convenience, and they are afraid that they will not be able to catch up with the punch card when they go to work. When you want to "speed up one step" by "speeding up", remember that the hidden harm it brings is also inseparable. All in all, we have to rely on each of us to be self-disciplined and self-aware so that we can have less danger and more safety around us!