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Why can this car beat 99% of the two-wheeled electric cars on the market?

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In the universe shuttle movie, there is a very routine plot: the spacecraft forced to land on a remote and dangerous remote planet due to the power problem. When everyone was worried about how to set sail again, the protagonist with the aura of God found a ship that had forced to land on the planet Of course, there is no vitality in the broken ship, but the battery is still there, so the protagonist removes the energy from the broken ship and replaces it with his own ship. After the spacecraft changed its battery, it faced the planet, patted its butt and left to continue the next journey ...

A spacecraft that can quickly change batteries is an important criterion for measuring the technological development of the planet. When we discuss two-wheeled electric vehicles, an electric vehicle that can replace the battery anytime, anywhere has become the trendiest choice in the field of two-wheeled electric vehicles, and the convenience of energy endurance has exceeded 99% of two-wheeled electric vehicles on the market !!

Why can this car beat 99% of the two-wheeled electric cars on the market?

Based on the accumulated operating data of Harbin Mobility in the two-round mobility field, the swap electric vehicles that match Harbin Electric Power are inherently equipped with two very obvious core characteristics: first, standardized batteries (groups) and fully matched customized models. In a sense, changing a car is about changing the battery, and standardized batteries (groups) are indispensable for the car. Secondly, it is a battery assembly that is easy to open, close, and access. We can call it a battery compartment. Just like the battery compartment of some toys, the 5th or 7th battery is very easy to remove and replace.

Why can this car beat 99% of the two-wheeled electric cars on the market?

So, in actual use, what two-wheeled electric vehicles with the function of "replacement" will have the benefits of ordinary two-wheeled electric vehicles?

First, car purchase and maintenance costs are greatly reduced. Take an electric car (valued at 2,000 yuan) (excluding batteries) as an example. Assume that a lithium battery (valued at 1,000 yuan) has a service life of two years and a car's scrapping period is six years. Using a traditional two-wheeled electric vehicle with electric vehicles, the battery needs to be replaced twice in six years. The annual charging cost is 300 yuan, the annual repair cost is 200 yuan, and the total cost in six years is 8,000 yuan. 500 yuan per year for battery leasing, 200 yuan per year for repairs, and 6,200 yuan for six years. Costs are reduced by approximately 22%.

Second, the psychological safety of battery use will be improved. Relying on the replacement mode of the tram, the risk of battery loss will no longer be borne by consumers. GPS and other functions greatly increase the risk of stealing the battery.

Third, regarding charging efficiency. Two-wheeled electric vehicles require 5-8 hours for regular charging and 2 hours for fast charging. If you use the power exchange mode, theoretically it only takes 6 seconds to complete the battery replacement. And fast charging will affect battery life, and the power exchange mode will reduce the hard core problem of the two-wheeled electric vehicle's cruising range attenuation in the later period of use.

Why can this car beat 99% of the two-wheeled electric cars on the market?

Finally, two-wheeled electric vehicles have now entered a bottleneck in improving cruising range, so changing trams can reduce the "mileage anxiety" of two-wheeled electric vehicle owners, especially high-frequency users, to a certain extent. Traveling a little farther, you have to think about it, worrying about the embarrassing phenomenon of no electricity in the middle of the road.