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The introduction of cargo electric bicycles abroad, to solve people’s travel pain points, full of black technology

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Many electric bicycles will be found on the road. In addition to coping with severe traffic jams, electric bicycles are relatively more economical and environmentally friendly. It ’s really convenient to save time and effort by riding an electric bike. However, when you need to carry something or carry something that is too heavy, an electric bike may not be able to handle it. It is difficult for ordinary electric bikes to put down some of the larger or heavier weights. thing.

Someone abroad has developed an electric bike Blix packa that can carry goods. It is designed according to the basic frame of ordinary electric vehicles. The back seat can be combined with more than 200 different specifications. Not only can it seat people, but also many things. The back seat can carry a weight of 91 kg. The front frame can also Put objects with a maximum weight of 23 kg. Such a load can meet the amount of items that people carry on a daily trip.

The introduction of cargo electric bicycles abroad, to solve people's travel pain points, full of black technology

The length of this electric car that can carry goods is about two meters, and its rear seat is relatively long. Two child seats can be installed at the same time. There are seat belts on the seat at the same time, as long as the children wear a safety helmet and fasten the seat belt , You can take them on a safe trip. When you need to carry cargo, you can also install a cargo basket on the back seat, and you can also hang cargo bags on both sides.

This car is equipped with a 750-watt motor and dual 48v batteries. The system will also choose to use different batteries according to different environments to ensure that the bicycle has sufficient power supply during the driving process. The maximum speed can reach 32 kilometers per hour. If you like to travel by bicycle, this car is definitely a good choice.