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Shelby launches retro limited edition electric bike

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Shelby launches a retro limited edition electric bike.

In its latest limited edition creation, Shelby borrowed inspiration from Carroll Shelby's Cobra 289 surface.

Shelby launches retro limited edition electric bike

Carol Hall Shelby, a former land speed record holder, retired in 1960, continued to design and build cars, and first introduced the most famous Cobra sports car in 1962.

It is the Cobra that inspired the design of the new 48v retro electric bicycle, which was named: Shelby.

This retro electric bike is equipped with a 48v, 23.4 Ah battery, an aluminum frame, and 75 hours (120 kilometers) of battery life in 4.5 hours. Thanks to a combination of power-lifting transmission system, powerful in-wheel motors and special racing modes, the bike can reach speeds of up to 36 mph (58 km / h).