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Swytch makes 99% of bicycles “artifacts” of electric bicycles

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Electric bicycles are the most widely used electric personal mobility tool. Many people own bicycles and want to enjoy the comfort and speed of electric bicycles, but the price of electric bicycles is too high, so homemade electric bicycles.

However, in addition to being unattractive, the common self-made electric bicycles lack the most basic safety guarantee.

Swytch makes 99% of bicycles

British company Swytch launched a kit that can turn any bicycle into 2017, which is safe and retains the beauty of the original bicycle, and is sought after by users around the world.

This year, Swytch is making persistent efforts to launch an upgraded version of the kit, which is 70% smaller and 50% lighter than the original!

This means that the team is about to develop "the smallest and lightest electric bicycle system today"!

Swytch makes 99% of bicycles


The Swytch kit includes a bicycle front wheel with a 250w in-wheel motor, a Hall-effect sensor, and a lithium-ion battery pack. The battery is mounted on a custom bracket on the front of the bicycle handlebar. After being mounted on a bicycle, it only added 1.5kg to the original bicycle.

Swytch makes 99% of bicycles

The Swytch kit can match various bicycle wheel sizes, and different conversion kits can be configured according to the size and type of the customer's bicycle front wheel. Price varies based on bicycle wheel type and battery capacity.

When installing, you need to remove the front wheel of the bicycle, install the front wheel and battery pack provided by Swytch, and connect the motor and sensor.

Swytch makes 99% of bicycles

If you are worried about the installation process, Swytch official will provide free remote video instant guidance to help customers install smoothly.

Swytch makes 99% of bicycles

In addition, Swytch plans to provide three power pack levels for the new conversion kit: Eco, Pro and Touring, with maximum range of approximately 35 kilometers, 50 kilometers and 100 kilometers respectively.

Different levels of Swytch kits have different price points, ranging from $ 449 (about 3180 yuan) for the Eco version to $ 738 (about 5227 yuan) for the tour model with the longest battery life. (Compared to the average price of tens of thousands of yuan for foreign electric bicycles, the Swytch kit is obviously more favorable)

Swytch makes 99% of bicycles

Market direction

The Swytch kit is targeted primarily at Europe and the United States. A maximum speed of 15.5mph (approximately 24.9km / h) was set for the European-made Swytch kit to suit European laws. U.S. law allows electric bicycles to travel at higher speeds, so the Pro Swytch kit in the US market offers a maximum speed of 20mph (32.1km / h). The maximum range of the US specification kit is the same as that of the European Union.

Swytch makes 99% of bicycles

Therefore, the European Swytch package can provide longer range when driving at top speed.