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LOM X scooter-electric scooter for all your needs

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Imagine this familiar scene: crossing a crowded city, where the traffic will only make everyone late ... Then there is the hassle of finding elusive urban parking spaces, which only adds to the pressure. So how do you find a safe and convenient way to travel around the city? This has become a big problem-so many that emerging technology players have turned their attention to the dynamics of urban transport. Ready to revolutionize everyday shipping?

LOM X scooter-electric scooter for all your needs

The answer is LOM (last mile) X scooter. What is LOM? This is a revolutionary electric scooter with safety, stability and sustainability in mind. This scooter makes sure you don't get lost because it is so easy to carry so you can easily find parking spaces. The handlebar and front bar are foldable, so you can pull it with one hand while the rear tire rolls back or is picked up completely.

The LOM weighs only 36 pounds and can be recharged in just 3.5 hours, while users can travel 25 miles on a single charge. The 12-inch front and 10-inch rear tires provide unparalleled stability and agility for riding. This design makes bumps during driving almost invisible, ensuring a consistent driving experience across a variety of surfaces and terrain types. Moreover, LOM allows users to ride their feet parallel to the board. This natural standing posture not only reduces fatigue during the entire riding process, but also helps the rider maintain balance at slower speeds. This makes LOM suitable for various urban areas, such as crowded spaces.

LOM X scooter-electric scooter for all your needs

The LOM X electric scooter is equipped with three different power modes to suit different situations. There are Eco Mode, Medium Mode, and Advanced Mode, which can reach speeds of 15 miles per hour and have an impressive range of 25 miles. This range is attributed to a sophisticated battery management system developed in collaboration with Panasonic, which includes a self-learning function installed in the battery. The more consumers take the LOM, the more accurate the data on remaining battery life and available driving distance. Dedicated applications display data for each ride and provide comprehensive vehicle operation, from vehicle connection and activation to sharing key codes with family and friends.

When designing a LOM electric scooter, safety features are just as important as everything else. The handlebars have front and rear directional indicators, brake lights and headlights provide maximum visibility, and electronic horns let the rider know the surrounding situation at any time.

Those who are ready to really change the way they travel daily can head to the Kickstarter page of LOM and buy them for a limited time and for a limited price.