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How to solve the random parking of shared electric scooters?

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According to foreign media the verge reports, electric scooters have recently captured many cities in the United States, but they do not seem to work in New York.

New York has a population of millions, a complete public transportation system, road conditions and urban infrastructure are also suitable for scooters, and the last mile of traffic also leaves ample market space for electric scooters. But a recent report shows that it is difficult to reach 24% of the city's subway stations.

Lime's general manager Kazimirov has publicly stated that although they have put 12,000 Citi bikes in five New York boroughs, they still cannot meet the travel needs of some users who urgently need to arrive at the interchange point.

How to solve the random parking of shared electric scooters?

Sources revealed that some electric scooter companies have seen this opportunity and have started a dialogue with government officials.

However, the problem is that some district regulations require that each new building must have parking spaces on the roadside, and most of the roadside space is also planned for long-term parking spaces. space.

The problem is even worse due to the lack of stops. For example, in San Francisco, there have been many reports of "electric scooters being parked or thrown into the bay."

In the past few months, with the battle between the major electric scooter companies, thousands of electric scooters have been randomly thrown on the street, obstructing traffic and cityscape.

How to solve the random parking of shared electric scooters?

As for New York, relevant regulations clearly state that electric scooters are motor vehicles and need to be registered like motorcycles before they can hit the road. The problem is that New York has not yet issued a procedure for registration of electric scooters. Some lawmakers have proposed that electric scooters be classified as bicycles in legislation so that they can enter the street traffic network of New York City legally and legally in the short term.

But as a business model, shared electric scooters are still favored by the capital market.

Since February 2018, billions of dollars have been focused on Bird and Lime, the industry's top brands. By analysis, the financial return of the time-sharing lease may not be satisfactory, but the scalability of using high-frequency and business models is worth looking forward to.

In previous reports, we also mentioned that Lime initially provided bicycle rental services, and then entered the scooter market to implement multiple modes of travel. As a result, shared scooters are starting to look like a strategy for mobile startups to quickly reach the top of the attention food chain-after which they can provide comprehensive and diverse modes of transportation and gain more value from them.