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“National Team” Admission People’s Mobility Electric Mopeds Launch in Beijing Starting Price 3 Yuan

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The "People's Travel" shared electric moped created by the People's Data Platform under the People's Daily Network and Beijing Mibu Technology has officially launched in Beijing recently. Relevant staff said that it is currently only launched in Beijing and will enter the country.

"National Team" Admission People's Mobility Electric Mopeds Launch in Beijing Starting Price 3 Yuan

Today, some netizens broke the news that a new shared electric moped appeared on the street-people travel. Later, I searched "People Travel" on the Android and iOS app stores, and found that the APPs were already on the shelves. According to its official introduction, People Travel is a chronic traffic intelligent travel platform.

After downloading the app, I found that there were no vehicles available near the area (Guangzhou), so I contacted the customer service staff of People's Travel. According to the staff, the people's travel-sharing electric mopeds were launched in Beijing on August 26 and 27. There are currently fewer vehicles in the market and they will be launched in more than 100 cities nationwide in the future.

The deposit for people's travel is 299 yuan, which is refundable at any time.

In terms of charges, the pricing rules for people's travel are divided into duration fee + mileage fee + insurance, of which the duration fee is 0.2 yuan / minute, the mileage fee is 0.5 yuan / km, and the insurance is 0 yuan / time. The minimum consumption per user for a car is 3 yuan.

It is understood that the people's travel project was signed on March 26 this year. The project will integrate four data-personal travel data, geographic location information data, personal credit data and city image data, to help analyze the travel distribution and travel characteristics of residents, and provide a large sample basis for urban planning and transportation planning. In addition, the project will contribute to the advancement of the new national standard, "develop and block" and deepen and assist national and local governments in building smart cities.