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Electric bicycle management should not be banned

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In recent years, the number of electric bicycles in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province has increased sharply. Currently, the number of electric bicycles registered in the four urban areas alone has reached 2.1 million, far exceeding the road load. … For this reason, Fuzhou City recently issued a “Notice on Strengthening the Standard Management of Electric Bicycles”, and this announcement was interpreted by many media as: After 2024, Fuzhou will ban electric bicycles.

In fact, if you read the notice carefully, you will find that the regulations did not say anything. The notice stipulates that from 2020, all electric bicycles will be reissued with license plates. Among them, blue license plate vehicles are not allowed to pass in urban areas, and yellow license plate vehicles have a 4-year transition period, which can still be used in urban areas. When the transition period expires in 2024, the municipal government decides whether to continue. If not, the owner of the yellow license plate vehicle can choose to scrap or replace the blue license plate. That is to say, it will depend on the situation by 2024. However, it can be seen that Fuzhou's tough attitude towards electric vehicle management.

Electric bicycle management should not be banned

From a certain point of view, electric bicycles have indeed provided great convenience to citizens, not affected by congested roads, flexible driving and fast speed. On the other hand, while becoming a "national transportation", electric bicycles have indeed gradually evolved into "road overlords" in recent years: For example, from May to July this year, the city of Beijing punished retrograde, red light, and motor vehicle lanes. There are more than 230,000 illegal electric bicycles, with an average of about 3,000 violations per day, of which electric bicycles in the express delivery and takeaway industries account for a relatively high proportion; in Shenzhen, nearly 60,000 violations of electric bicycles have been investigated and punished since this year; 5594 violations of electric bicycles were investigated and dealt with; 11,119 violations of electric bicycle traffic were investigated and dealt with in Quanzhou in less than half a month ...

Retrograde, occupying the road, casually interspersing, running through the red lights ... Friends of driving must be deeply aware of the various chaotic phenomena of electric bicycles. At the same time, electric bicycles have brought unprecedented challenges to road traffic safety management. It can be said that accidents are frequent and difficult to manage. Prior to the introduction of new regulations in Fuzhou, local governments were also trying to restrict electric bicycles, and some were even stricter. In this context, it is not difficult to understand why Fuzhou issued a decision to let electric bicycles gradually withdraw from urban areas.

Electric bicycle management should not be banned

However, let's not forget that electric bicycles were originally developed to cope with underdeveloped public transportation. For example, Fuzhou currently has about 2.1 million electric vehicles on the market, and this number is increasing every day, while the local subway has only With the two lines, the existing road carrying capacity has been unable to meet the fast-growing demand for electric bicycles. Public transportation is underdeveloped and inadequate, which makes electric vehicles one of the main means of transportation for citizens. The management of electric vehicles is a systematic project that requires comprehensive measures and is not suitable for "one size fits all." There are no problems with electric vehicles as a means of transportation. The main causes of traffic chaos are urban road planning, unclear division of road rights, and low quality of riders. Therefore, governments at all levels should consider public opinion before formulating electric vehicle management policies. , Listen to the opinions of businesses, businesses and consumers, and truly be people-oriented.