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Development Prospects of Green Slow-Moving Electric Bicycle Industry under “Strict National Standard”

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The new standard has comprehensively improved the safety performance of electric bicycles, from the original "partial clause mandatory" to "full text mandatory", adding technical indicators such as "tamper resistance, fire performance, flame retardant performance, charger protection", etc. Technical indicators such as speed limit, vehicle quality, pedaling ability, etc.

The "New National Standard" takes the "three guarantees and one adherence" as the basic principle: that is, to ensure the "life and property safety" of consumers, to ensure that "the common interests of all road traffic participants are maximized," and to ensure the basic travel needs of consumers Non-motorized attributes of electric bikes. The implementation of the "New National Standard" is intended to ensure the safety of people's travel to the greatest extent.

Development Prospects of Green Slow-Moving Electric Bicycle Industry under

Experts are full of confidence in the development prospects of the green slow-moving electric bicycle industry, and advocate that localities should actively promote the rapid implementation of "new national standard" electric bicycles:

First: All regions should carry out scientific urban planning, continuously improve the transportation system, and effectively ensure the implementation of the "green travel" strategy; change the current urban construction thinking centered on motor vehicles, strengthen the awareness of road rights for electric bicycles, and vigorously build bicycle lanes , And take effective measures to ensure that bicycle roads are not invaded randomly.

Second: each region should refer to the congestion index and green travel ratio to introduce government subsidies and subsidies to purchase and use the "new national standard" electric bicycles according to local conditions;

Development Prospects of Green Slow-Moving Electric Bicycle Industry under

Third: Implementing the "Green Industry Guidance Catalogue (2019 Edition)" of NDRC [2019] No. 293 encourages the construction and operation of Internet rental electric bicycles and bicycle parking facilities. And the government promises tax incentives for companies that rent bikes or electric bikes for long periods of time. At the same time, bicycle tax reductions were introduced.

Fourth: The state encourages the public to use electric bicycles instead of cars as a means of transportation, and introduces corresponding policies to increase the public's attention to this green environmental protection industry. At the same time, through various measures such as subsidies and leasing, the public's desire to use them is increased.

Of course, we must also face up to the existing problems and deficiencies in the industry, guide enterprises to increase technological innovation, optimize product structure, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, continuously meet new consumer demand and new requirements for urban traffic management, and do a good job of improving the modern urban transportation system Make new contributions, find a new position in the large system of "green travel, smart transportation, and digital city", develop digital economy + new national standard electric bicycle (people travel-5G intelligent transportation) Cultivate new momentum for China's economic development. Finally achieve high-quality development of the industry.